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No one likes to have lots of rules but in previous experiences, management of ATWT feel that is necessary for a well-run group. We aren't trying to be dictators of this group because in the end its the members that make up the group.  So here is a list of rules for each of us to follow.


NEW MEMBERS:  As a new member, you MUST REPLY TO YOUR WELCOME POST WITHIN FIVE DAYS.   The Membership Manager will post a welcome message on the general board for your to view.  This is where all our current members can post a welcome.  Failure to do so within the state time period, may result in your membership being deleted.  You are free to rejoin but remember to sign the rules and post to your welcome post within five days.

1. NO SLAMING OF OTHER MEMBERS - This means no arguing with other members. We each have an opinion about things and we should respect that. If you are having trouble with a member instead of posting it on the board please let management know. Also if a member sends an email to another member that is considered rude or is harassment and reported to us we will review it and if we find it offensive in anyway we reserve the right to ban you and be reported to MSN!!  Abuse of any member will not be tolerated! . Someone will get to you ASAP to help deal with the situation. Or you could take it up with that member privately and not on the boards.

2. NO SPAMING - If you have a product you are selling we do have a member’s business section you are more than welcome to use. Please do not clutter the general board with it. If you would like to post something and are unsure if you should post it or not please email management  and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

3. MONTHLY CHECK-IN - As a member we ask that you check-in with us at least once a month (or at the very least every other month) to keep your membership status in good standing.  We will post a reminder to sign in to the MSI boards at the beginning of each month on our general board.  Failure to sign in over a two-month period of time will result in cancellation of membership.  You are welcome to rejoin our group should this happen; however, should your miss another two months, your membership will not be able to re-join our group.  

4.  At one time or another this group was very large and had over a thousand members.  This makes it very hard to maintain the boards, and keep up with membership.  Membership was shut down for a few years and old members were weeded out.  WE don’t want to shut down membership again.  Our goal is to have more ATWT fans join us.

5.  KEEP WHAT'S IN THE GROUP IN THE GROUP ?We ask that you do not re-post information from any of our forums.  Our spoilers pages contain information obtained from other websites which are listed with each spoiler.  Those pages that do not allow us to copy information show only their web address.   

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.  Any questions can be directed to the management group.