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Favorite Quotes

Hey Everyone I thought it would be cool if we had a page of our fave quotes from the show if you have a quote for me to add just email me at  and Ill add it here and if your fave is the same as someone elses ill add your name too :):)*carly4jack*

Dibs what the bloody heck are dibs? Simon to Lily when she informs him she has "dibs on that side of the island(carly4jack)

  "newsflash barbie,kens married" Henry To Katie(adri-anne)

"I thought that I had the next Leslie Stahl but what I realy found was the lovesick captain of the cheerleaders having a crush on the captian of the football team"Henry to Katie(Adri-Anne)

Molly To Jake When She Was getting ready for their date Should I wear anything....(he gives her a look) Special?(adri-anne)

When Jake Leaves Molly says behind the door "I hope You're worth it "and jake yells back "I Am"(adri-anne)

When Molly was listening to Jake avoid telling her why Emily was living with him....."Well that was a typical Martian respnse now  would you please Interpret for a Venus Inhabitant(Adri-Anne)

Lucinda to Lily In referance the Hospital Benifit Board and the dance lessons "Lily are you on medication"(Adri-Anne)

Holden, upon seeing the Beloved photo plus Lucinda's copy of the Atlantic City Rose poster, blurted out 'How many Lilys ARE there?"!!!(Adri-Anne)

Lucinda offered Mitzi money "I am prepared to write a check that would make Regis' eyes bug out if you would just tell me the truth." (Adri-Anne)

...and I loved Lucinda on the phone talking to the hotel in Altantic City.  I thought it was great when she said something like  "....yes, yes I'll hold while you transfer me-----to anyone else besides you! " (Adri-Anne)


My two favorites are at the end:

Jack to Carly

"Whatever you came to say, say it. Then leave ?not just Vegas, my life."

Carly to Jack to Carly

"You rushed into this thing with Julia."

"No, with you that was a thing ?a very bad thing that I was able to get past."

Carly to Jack

"Some things you can pretend away and some thing you can’t let go of, no matter how hard you try. I know you know what I mean."

Barbara about Carly to everyone in the Chapel

"Alright, if no one else will, I’ll take out the trash!"

Rose to Mitzy to Rose to Mitzy

"I had an epiphany."

"…a who?"

"An epiphany. I read it in one of Lily’s diaries?"

Joe to Lucinda to Joe

"?but don’t get too comfy."

"I’ll try to restrain myself."

The Rev

"Take your time, take your time?Like they say, only fools rush in?

Rose to Emma

"I’m down. Kick me."

and the best line of the day....

Carly to Jack

"So she’s dependable and trustworthy and makes really fine company. Well, if that’s what you want Jack, I suggest you get a retriever!" (Adri-Anne)

Awwww Lily Wont let Holden come out and Play? Henry To Katie(c4j)

Chris:And Where did you Meet this guy at

Nancy :Do I ask you where you get your girlfriends at?

Chris :No,But maybe you should


"I know I've been a little all over the map lately..."

Jack & Carly
Jack-"Yeah, you're a psychic Carly, and you're a good one. You know how I'm feeling before I do."
Carly-"You may have come here because you're a cop, but you're staying here because you're a man."
Jack-"...because you can sniff out money better than an old dog can sniff out a t-bone..."
Jack-"Well, that's what's so handy about a conscience, Carly, when you got to make decisions, you can do what's right, instead of what's easy."
Carly-"He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me ... now that's what I've been saying all along."

Julia & Barbara
Barbara-"He did agree to that, Julia?"
Julia-"Not exactly. I wanted it to be a surprise."
Barbara-"Well, honey, it-it's been my hard won experience that men don't really enjoy that particular surprise."

Barbara & Lisa
Barbara about Julia-"She's been married twelve seconds and the girl's a wreck."
Lisa-"I don't think that Hal is going to cotton to the idea of you and Craig having a little tete-a-tete."
Barbara-"Well, then he better not find out."
Lisa-"I don't und--What is it about this day? I wanted us to get together and have a little drink and it's turned into the liars' club! I'm outta here!"

Margo and Katie
Margo-"Product -- you're not talking drugs here are you?"
Katie-"You know, you are so "80s," try microchips!"

Julia & Jack
Julia-"I thought you were mine, but then when Carly came back, I realized that you were just on loan..."
Jack-"What if I get shot, Julia? What if a plane crashes or a tree falls on my head? Honey, we-we can't live this way. This is our life, and what it costs to live it is time. It-it's the coin of the realm. Once a day is spent, it's gone. We can never get it back, but we can choose how to spend it. Please, I'm begging you -- stop spending our time this way. Believe in what we have. Or else..."
Julia-"Or else?"
Jack-"We don't have anything."

Julia & Lisa
Julia-"You're right."
Lisa-"Well, of course I'm right. Hey, I've been married a lot of times. I should have learned something!"

"I started worrying about my daughter dating the wrong man when she was 7 pounds, two ounces and spitting up on my shoulder."

"Parker, not all ladies with blonde hair are as nice as your mama."

Katie & Craig
Katie-"Uh, excuse me? I don't think that babysitting is part of the job description."
Craig-"That's because I get to make it up as we go along."

Margo -- Runnerup best line of the day
"She's mad because she had to live through Mama's mid-life crisis, because she grew up in cheap hotels, she had to shop in discount places, and now she wants us to give her a life and socks that stay up."

Isaac, about Andy -- Best Line of the Day
"Woah. For someone who doesn't have feeling in his legs, he sure thinks awfully fast on his feet!"

Asst. Manager As The World Turns (Nick A's) Fav. Quotes

Rose to Ben

"If you can operate on a brain you can pour a coupple of drinks!"

----------------------------Favorite scene-----------------------------

Rose: Oh no, no no

Paul: Wha..what?

Carly: Brace yourself...Barbara's here, and she doesnt look very happy.

Craig: Ahh, Grimmer then usual