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Great Web Sites
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Recommended by: Monette922

A site with loads of inspirational pages.



He Is God

Recommended by: Monette922

Click on He Is God, this is a beautiful site.



Dying Is

Recommended by: jprsr

The touching blog of a 32 year old woman dying of a brain tumor.



The Broken Harp

Recommended by: Monette922

This is a beautiful site with lots of great links. It kept me fascinated for a long time.



The Scripture Tree

Recommended by: Monette922

On the Scripture Tree just click on a flower and see the scripture, then click your X "to Close the window"  or just click of the window's X box to close, and the tree will return!   There are many, many flowers to click and choose from which means many verses!   Don't worry when you close the window after scripture the tree will return!   Extremely refreshing after such a hard day and quite wonderful to read!   ENJOY!



A Moment In Heaven

Recommended by: Monette922

 This is one web site that everyone needs to see.  It is absolutely awesome!  It is especially uplifting for those who have lost a loved one.  I hope it gives you goose bumps like it does me.  If I don't meet you here on earth, I'll see you there!  God bless you!



Roadside Peek

Recommended by: jprsr

If you like vintage neon signs and kitschy architecture, check out this site.



See The Passion

Recommended by: Monette922

A website about "The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson.



All About the Sun

Recommended by: jprsr

Despite the importance of the sun, most of us don't view the sun as a deity. But some cultures do. At today's Cool Site, you can read up on the mythology surrounding the sun. It's fascinating to see how other cultures regard the sun.

Of course, you'll find plenty of images. There are works of art that use the sun as a subject. There are also scientific pictures and photographs. My favorites are the photos of the analemma.

Be sure to check out the scientific resources. You can learn more about space weather and other phenomena. It's fascinating



Iraq Crisis Prayer

Recommended by: Monette922

This is beautiful ... and so important.  Father, hear our prayer!



I Can Only Imagine

Recommended by: Monette922

An inspirational flash movie.




Recommended by: Monette922

Beautiful!!!  And a wonderful song!



Life's Tug Of War

Recommended by: Angel45 2B

Here is a link to one of my web pages that has brought a lot of comfort over the years...I hope that you will take a few minutes and visit it...we all go through some rough times in life and we have our own Life's Tug of War going on...I pray that listening to the music that is on this page that you will find the message that God is saying to each and everyone that visits this page...



Our President

Recommended by: Monette922

Please visit this beautiful site and thank God for a Christian President!



Christmas Links

Recommended by: Monette922

Babybird & Rdmnx have many wonderful pages in all categories.
This one is their Christmas Links page.  I know you will love it.
From this page check out their HOME page. 
I think it's one of the best sites on the 'net!  Enjoy!