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Christians Caring and 
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 Hello and Welcome to our group! We are very happy that you have joined us.  This is a private and safe group for us to share our daily lives.  I hope you will enjoy it and share your interests with us, including your photos.   Please add this site to your favorites.  (I save the "What's New" page.)  I change the picture on that page's "welcome message" often so watch for it.   

 IMPORTANT!  New members must sign in and post within 2 days of joining the group.  All members must sign in and post or contact me at least once each month in order to keep membership active.  I don't want to delete anyone but I need to know who is interested in this group and who isn't.  I'm looking for Christians who CARE and SHARE. 

 The message board is where you can post your thoughts, stories, poems, good humor, prayer requests or anything of interest to you such as hobbies, recipes, books, etc.  Notice the many different topics on the boards now.  If you see something you'd like to respond to, just hit "Reply" on the message.  Check the icons across the top to add color, graphics, etc.  I do ask that you please come to the board to post instead of replying from your email (unless you are unable to access the group) as that adds a lot of "junk" to the post.  If you have trouble posting, just let me know.  I'll be glad to help you in any way possible. 
Please do not post anything on the board of a personal nature concerning me or anyone else.  This will get your post deleted and you could possibly be banned.    If you have problems or complaints of any kind, please email me!  I'm here to help!  Messages posted are not necessarily the opinion of the management.  I retain the right to delete any post I deem inappropriate.  Please be kind and considerate of the feelings of others.  Thank you. 
 Look under Member Tools to select your email settings and enter your member profile.  To see other members profile, just click on their name in a post or on the member list under Tools.  It is not wise to post your email address on your profile but please do email me, especially if your email address changes, so that I can add you to my address book and be able to contact you.  I promise your address is safe with me. 
 If you have a home page, group or web site, you are welcome to post it under Links.  (Use the link icon on the right side of the Links page.)  If you need help with it, let me know.  There are a lot of great sites listed on the Links page.  Check them out. 
 Thanks to Laurie, we have a wonderful calendar.  Feel free to add your birthday, anniversary, angel / heaven dates, or any other special days important to you.  Just click on the date to enter your info.  Be sure to check the calendar monthly to be aware of other member's special dates so you can acknowledge them if you choose to do so .. and I hope you will. 
 Laurie has also done a fantastic job on Serenity Garden.  Don't miss seeing it!  When you feel "down" or sad, I suggest you spend some time meditating there alone with God.  There are 7 pages with beautiful photos and relaxing music.  Thanks for all your hard work, Laurie.
Any questions?  Just ask! 
God bless you,
Monette 922
(please read the poem I wrote about my life)
 Assistant Managers
Darlene "DFL924"
Laurie "MNNorthernLight"
Kalani  "鈩alani"
Theresa "4Ever-Theresa"
(Updated May 10, 2007)