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 How to Post on Message Boards

First, please do not reply to a post from an email message unless necessary. Go to the board to post. That way all the "email junk" will not show up on the message board. Also, since this is a restricted group, please do not include the group address in your email forwards. 

Once on the main page click on Message Boards on the left side of the page. Now you will see "Multiple Message Boards". Notice at the top you can select to "View Discussions Only" or "Discussions and Replies". If you select Discussions Only, the topics of posts will show with the latest message posted at the top of the page. If you select Discussions and Replies, all posts will show with the latest message at the bottom of the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can select to "View All Message Boards At Once".  

Select the board topic you want to post on or the post you want to reply to, then click on New Discussion. (If you have a popup stopper, you will need to hold down the Cntrl key so the page will come up.) Now enter your subject and type your message in the box.

The icons across the top of the New Discussion page will let you select various features like cut, copy, paste, font style, font size, and color ("A").   The "B" is for bold type, "I" is for Italics, and "U" for underlining.  The little yellow icon that looks like an envelope is what you click on to insert a picture either from the MSN selections or from your own computer.  You can select left, center, or right page margins from the 3 sets of lines. That will position where you want your graphic or message.   The blue globe lets you insert a hyperlink for a webpage.  I'm sure you recognize the "smiley face" as where you select various emoticons like this.  Oh yes, one more thing you might want to know .. to save graphics just right click on them and "save target as" to your computer.  Make sure you note WHERE you save them! 

How to Copy and Paste:  Highlight what you want to copy by holding down your mouse and scrolling over it.  Click on the 2nd icon on at the top left to copy. You can also go to Edit and Copy.  Now go to wherever you want to put the message and click there.  Next, you can click the 3rd icon to the top left to paste or go to Edit and Paste.  Remove the highlight when finished by clicking in a blank area.

I know this sounds as clear as mud but it is really fast and easy once you learn.  If you have questions or need more help, let me know. I'll be glad to walk you through it.  Good luck!