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If you like sigs and tags, this board is for you!  Please be sure you have filled out your Member Favorites and Member Info. 

It will be up to the designers if they want to do siggies for members only or for others also, depending on what they can handle.  Please don't forget your manners - always say "please" and "thank you".

For those who request sigs on the Who Wants One board, the completed sigs should be posted on the same thread as the offer. 

Special Sig Requests should be posted on the Sig Pickup board when completed. 


Please do not post sig requests or offers on the General board.

Please do not post a request below someone else's pickup.  The designers will not be looking there for your requests.

Please do not request sigs that were made as special gifts for others.  Here's one reason why: Sometimes I may ask a friend outside the group to make a sig for me to give to someone as a gift.  The creator has usually already deleted it from their computer.


While "cute and pretty" sig offers are very nice, Christian sigs are a great way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I hope you will include those in your offers.  Thanks!

If you wish to post something to share PLEASE check the copyright page on this site first to be sure it is available to share. MSN can shut us down for violating the copyright law.

 Click on the butterflies to go to the appropriate page.



This board is for Sig Designers to offer their creations and terms of offer such as time limit, colors, etc.  Requests and Pick-Ups all go on the same thread.





Looking for a special sig?  Post here.  Designers, please check this board.




Pickup your special requests here.



This is a fun page where you can share the sigs, snags and tags you find while surfing. Great way to add to your collection!  Just make sure they are not under copyright.




Types of tags we are not allowed to use.