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Member Favorites
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Member Name: Monette922

Names Used by Member: Monette, Annette, Mom, Memaw

Favorites: I like angels, butterflies, flowers (especially roses), rainbows, doves, puppies, teddies, and tea cups - anything cute, sweet and simple, nothing gothic.I prefer smaller size sigs. I like sparkles. My favorite color is blue but I use all colors as I like variety.



Member Name: south_ga_peach

Names Used by Member: Lisa

Favorites: Wow I like anything that's pretty, flowers,fairies,angels,unicorns,sparkles,glitter,if it's pretty I like it,lol.



Member Name: beatrice

Names Used by Member: bea

Favorites: flowers, angels, puppies,sparkles, glitters, blue ,pink, and all colors, a variety



Member Name: DFL924

Names Used by Member: Darlene

Favorites: I love Angels,bears,unicorns, like the smaller siggies and tags. Like flowers and just about all pretty sigs. My favorite color is light purple and red And I just love pictures of Jesus.



Member Name: Lovemykitties2

Names Used by Member: maybelle, May, friends call me Boots

Favorites: Favorite colors are turquois, and mauve, and teal. Favorite things I like are puppies, kitties, bears, stuffed animals and chatting with friends.



Member Name: Kristin4784

Names Used by Member: Kristin. but mainly Kris

Favorites: anything religious, safari (especially tigers), tigger.... anything.. I'm not picky



Member Name: Jackie

Names Used by Member: Jackie

Favorites: kitties, puppys, things that are soft and soothing, blue is the color, angels



Member Name: Buffy

Names Used by Member: Buffy, Laureen

Favorites: Buftterflies, birds... flowers of all kinds... and Teddy bears too. thank you.



Member Name: MamaJJMusic

Names Used by Member: Jackie,Jean,Music,Sis,MamaJJ.

Favorites: I love Angels,Florals,Doves,Lots of Glitter and sparkles.I love anything that is pretty.



Member Name: PurrsPeace

Names Used by Member: Steph, Daisy, HippieChic

Favorites: I like 60's things, white roses, anything purple, pretty pretty anything..not too picky.



Member Name: Sweetie29302

Names Used by Member: Matrice

Favorites: Dolls, Sparkles,Jewelry, Color red blue white and grey.



Member Name: Grammy Stanford

Names Used by Member: I use Becky most of the time, Grammy, Beckyboo

Favorites: Angels, Babies, Children, Fairies, Flowers, Butterflies, Puppies, Kittens, Waterfalls, Mountains,My Favorite color is Teal and Blue, but I like Pastel Colors or Any light colors. Nothing dark or gothic. I love simple things and nothing brassy or outstanding. I love animation, sparkles, glitter, and objects that write my name.I like for my sigs to be small.



Member Name: Cinderella95965

Names Used by Member: Shandy, Princess (sometimes)

Favorites: I hate filling these things out lol, I love anything someone will make me except for gothic, satanic, and anything too adult, I LOVE Fairies, butterflies, angels, christian siggies, dolls, unicorns, doves, teddy bears, Flower (especially roses and violets), ladybugs, sparkly and animated siggies, I can't even name them all cuz I love em all, so anyways I assure you if you make it I'll LOVE it *HUGZ* Shandy



Member Name: TiggerKatt

Names Used by Member: Nancy Sis

Favorites: small roses, angels, sparklys, religious stuff...Purple stuff



Member Name: Brave

Names Used by Member: Brave

Favorites: Love to Praise the Lord....Entering into His presence, reading the Word of God. I love Thunderstroms and walking in the rain. I enjoy the outdoors,camping, fishing, hiking, walking. I like wolves, eagles, dogs cats and horses



Member Name: Marileem143

Names Used by Member: Marilee

Favorites: cats roses fairys and friends & you all



Member Name: maxine5

Names Used by Member: maxine

Favorites: I collect angels --like anything cute but not futureistic !! I love Christian siggies !! Green is my favorite color. The smaller siggies are my preference !! Sparkles & glitter & pastel colors !



Member Name: SmilingDove

Names Used by Member: DoveLady Judy

Favorites: writing, chocolate, sunsets, oceanwaves, lighthouses, roses and chatting



Member Name: LadyDi0716

Names Used by Member: Maggie, Patti, Bluebird

Favorites: I love the chubby little bluebirds (Disney), any small birds,kittens, puppies, roses, Victorian,my favorite color is blue



Member Name: Audrey4Jesus

Names Used by Member: Audrey and Audrey4Jesus

Favorites: I like bird siggy, flowers and animals, I like nice bright colours and my name in glitter.