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Member's Sites
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Monette's Home Page

Read the poem I wrote about my life.

MSN NicknameMonette922



Johnny's Home Page

Stop by and visit Johnny's site.  It's quite interesting!  I went to school with Johnny and he is Beatrice's nephew.  His wife Patti is an author of several Harlequin books.  You will find the link to her site on Johnny's page. 

MSN NicknameMonette922



Memorial Page for Melinda's Baby Roy

Please visit Melinda's memorial for her baby son, Roy.  It is very touching.

MSN NicknameMonette922



Vicki Russell's Web Site - A Christmas Story

MSN NicknameMonette922



Angel's Web

You will love this site belonging to Angel45-2b.  Please visit her beautiful pages and sign her guest book. 

MSN NicknameMonette922



Joann's Home Page

Joann's web page, testimony, and photos. Also site for survivors of abuse.




Patti Rowell

Go to Patti's Page , it is really good, and you can order her book from there.




Our Angel Jordan - Erica's daughter

Show your love and support for Erica .. visit her memorial page for her adorable little girl and sign her guest book.  Thank you! 

MSN NicknameMonette922



American Cancer Society - Join the Campaign to Fight Cancer!


MSN NicknameMonette922



Love Never Dies

In "Love Never Dies", Sandy Goodman lights a path of understanding through the darkness of loss. Her honesty and love will help anyone dealing with the pain of grief.
          ~ John Edward, Host of Crossing Over

MSN NicknameMonette922



DMBarry777's Link:There Is Power In Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer and encouraging others in their walk of faith. We offer notes of encouragement, mini-bible studies and take prayer requests.

MSN Nicknamedmbarry777



Dede's Walk With God

A wonderful site to renew your faith in God, yourself, and your fellow man ... Don't miss it .. especially the Christmas pages! 

MSN NicknameMonette922



Memorial Page for Monette's Dad

This page was done for me by Angel45-2b in loving memory of my dad, Fred H. Wright.  Thank you, Angel!  Please sign the guest book and tell Angel what a great job she did.  Thank you so much.  Monette

MSN NicknameMonette922



MaryJane's(Peanut 59) Website

MaryJane's(Peanut 59) Web site that has a variety of stories and poems on it...very touching stories and a few that will make you laugh.

MSN NicknameAngel45_2B



Memorial for Eddie

 A beautiful memorial page for my ex-husband Eddie lovingly done by Angel.  Please be sure to sign Angel's guestbook.  (Eddie and I were married 40 and 1/2 yrs. before we divorced in June 1996.  He passed away from cancer June 15, 2003.)   

MSN NicknameMonette922