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The MSN Groups service will close in February 2009. You can move your group to Multiply, MSN’s partner for online groups. Learn More
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Member Calendar



Since MSN saw fit to remove the free calendar they previously offered this is the only way to have a calendar for sharing group events. Click on the calendar below to go to our group calendar to view special member days.  FYI: it sometimes takes a few extra minutes for the link to work so please be patient. To return to this site there is a link button on the top left of the calendar. Members can add and edit their own information via the instructions below. Please do NOT change the default colors when adding an event.





INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the above link and go to the calendar. To add an event, click on the number of the day of the event. The current month is the default but, if you want to add items to future months just click on the appropriate month on the navigation bar on the top. A window will open into which you will enter your information. (If you have a "popup stopper" you will need to hold down the Ctrl key for the window to open.)  Into the Calendar Text box enter your event such as "Jane Doe's Birthday." Open the Category box and choose the appropriate event (choices are: birthday, anniversary, other.) If you wish to add more information such as your age, number of anniversary or anything else including links to sites pertaining to your event enter them into the box that says Popup Text or URL Link. This allows you to add more info without cluttering up the calendar. If the event on a day is underlined that means more info is available. If you click on the words a popup window will open up to show you that additional info. Please do not change the colors, times or draw a border. Just use the Calendar Text, Category and Popup Text areas to fill in  your info. If you want to edit it later, just click on the day and you will be taken to a window which will allow you to edit or delete your information. The word EDIT will be on the left and a scissors icon on the right which you click on to delete the entry. If you still are confused in any way please don't hesitate to ask for help. Checking entries other members have added to the calendar will help, too. Thanks for sharing your special days!