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Okay Linking With Ma Site?
Well Here Is Some Basic Rules For You To Read And OBEY


    1. No websites that are sexist/racist.
    2. Please, no flooding or spamming
    3.. The title of your topic must just be the title of your website. No "OMFG AwEsOmE Webby JOINNNNNN!!!!" <--- its bloody annoying.
    4. Advertising is not  a privelige for guests - "sorry join my site and be active and you can post ."
    5. Exceptions to the rule: If you advertise as a guest here, that means I can advertise at your website as a guest. If not, then advertise on your website for me. If not that either, then I will delete your post.
    6. Must have your own button,Or something along the lines
    7.Site must be active
    8. .  Must link back to us!


    _Made by others for us_

                               teadiaaffygift.gif(Made by Ayame18_sesshygurl18 [Past Reflections])




    _  Sites_

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        image Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Everlasting PokemonPhotobucket
    SA-1.jpg picture by Life_Starts_And_Ends_With_Love    pRlink2.gif picture by PastReflections yeahbutton2copy.jpg picture by -MotokoAoyama-
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    Wolf Flames