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fantasy.jpg fantasy girl for Bl image by polkomdarkkgx3.gif fantasy image by hallowseve_bucketlastangel.jpg Girl Fantasy image by Gesha_01lightthendoftheroad.jpg Girl Fantasy image by Gesha_01

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 I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top
She's got a body like an {hour●glass} it's tickin' like a clock
It's a mattter of t.i.m.e before we all run out...
When I thought he was mine, she caught him by the m o u t h... «

Toph and Katara by Androfire.Katara by Androfire.  

Faster, faster! was the only drive that Denae Maeva could possibly give to h

erself, she continued to dart as a black and dark-blonde blur.. endlessly energ

ized.. she'd only grow weak if she cast a spell upon someone. After another t

en minutes of roaring upon Fork's forest, the chase had been finshed. Denae s

topped running, slowing gradually and eventually easing her slender back agai

nst the stalk mass of the tree.

Denae's enticing green eyes glittered within the streaks of semi-sunlight stream

ing through the parting of leaves and branches of the tall trees above her... "D

ammit..." she uttered lowly to herself, hanging her head, her feet embedded fo

rcely upon the terrain beneath her. That chase was far too close, she was und

eniably out-numbered that time... one against ten was nearly impossible to avo

id... yet somehow Denae managed to do it. The Mohans were so stubborn...

and Denae was too clever to fall into their forbidden trap of persuation.

Breathing only slightly heavily, Denae took a moment to enjoy the piercing sile

nce of the large forest, but her wish was not granted... for a unknown presenc

e entered her facade. Without any though, but meekly by instinct, Denae push

ed forth, her hands set out in front of her, "Lumin-!" she began to shout, but th

en stopped, to see a dark figure, piercing ember hues boring into green ones.

An icy shrill shot down her back, she kept her stance and let an awkward mo

ment of silence pass before uttering brazenly to the figure,

"Who are you?" 

For one hundred and eight years he'd managed to live some what peacefully never once

to Hoquiam, Washington, where they made a treaty with the Quileute Native American tribe, that the Quileutes would leave the Cullens alone if the Cullen family did not bite any humans or trespass on their land. The Cullens agreed to this treaty, and lived in relative peace until they had to move on. Between the Cullens' first and second stay in Forks, Alice and Jasper joined his coven as well, having found Carlisle on their own. Throughout

Edward is, like all vampires, very pale. Bears his messy hair copper. His eyes can vary from black, when you’re thirsty, to amber, where it is not. Like all the other vampires have a perfect body of marble. It measures about 1.90 m. His appearance is clearly youth, with seventeen years since 1918.

Edward Cullen (born Edward Anthony Masen), is a fictional character from the saga of books of Stephenie Meyer, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Dawn and the still unpublished Midnight Sun (Midnight Sun).

Edward Anthony Masen, was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago. His parents were Edward and Elizabeth Maseno. He and his parents, made during a Spanish flu epidemic that hit in Chicago, Illinois in 1918. The flu was threatening to end the lives of their parents. At that time, Edward had 17 years of age, and his only desire had been part of the militia.

When her mother dying, he asked the doctor Carlisle Cullen to save your child from this death, as if he knew that he could do something that other doctors could not. After that, he died. Carlisle Cullen took Edward confident that no other doctor as notaries, as the Spanish flu of the patients were many and many were dying every day. At the time of transfomar to it, what followed was more than the wounds that he had made to him by transforming it, because I did not know exactly how to do it, inadvertently causing more pain necessary

Humans who have some ability to be processed, occasionally develop, making it a gift. Edward was very sensitive to the thoughts of the people who were near him, and developed the gift of reading the minds of both humans and vampires and zlatan.

In 2002 the Cullen settled in Forks for the second time. The first time that Cullen had been installed in Forks, Washington had been almost a hundred years ago, when a treaty Carlisle did some nearby men wolf into the area, claiming that they had a different lifestyle to that of other vampires. Ephraim Black, then leader of men wolf, I accept the treaty, which also kept the Cullen outside their area and themselves away from the Cullen.

 being the most perfect on earth. He has the skills common to all vampires, high speed and incredible strength, besides being the fastest of his family. It has the power to read minds of humans, vampires and zlatan, increased as a feature of his life, where he was perceptive enough with the thoughts of people. He describes his power as hundreds of voices heard in a large hall. The only exception to his power is known Bella.






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SADISTICMUCH.jpg picture by angelic_shannon

Swish! Swish!
The knife maneuvered delicately across the girls wrist.Making small,deep precise incisions. The blood splattering across the perfectly white washed tiles and walls.Now,with a sick,twisted smile plastered on her face stood Kiara Dempesy.A small steak knife handled in her small hand.This was a girl a perfect example of the statement a product of your environment.It was exactly the term to be used for this girl.At 16 she was a perfect example of her environment,the life she now led.

Ten years ago it was discovered generations with a abnormal gift,abilities both destructive and helpful.Originally test where carried out to determine just how the had happened.The cause,the physics of their inner being.Their results? These human children had a mutated genetics.After much more intense test it was believed that until a child reached maturity the gene failed to show up.How was one ever to know if they had a child of this freak gene.People in their fickle minds began to grow fearsome.Imagine if these kids grew up to turn again them...something had to be done.Now fell the matter of what to do with this band of future delinquents.Thus formed the Asylum of gifted.
Famous through out the world for the small group of children it contained.Labeled both wild and dangerous they where products to be feared.Freaks of a bad gene.

As the blade danced across her skin Kiara broke into a set of maniac laughs
"Oh the pretty blood."She crooned to herself.With a twisted expression the girl reached out smearing it across her lips.The crimson liquid staining her perfect lips before she ran her tongue along.

Kiara was a prodigy of self harm.Although there where warning all around not to leave things in her reach.Most of the nurses couldn't help but leave a knife here,a stapler there.Why would they care if she decided to half kill herself.That would mean one less freak and besides when Kiara when on one of her crazed rampages they got to jab her with a needle and let her dream away till they desired.Of all the children she was one to be at times feared of.Not because she was violent.No it was her ability.You see she could see your inner essence.As your blood coursed through your body,your heart pumping your arteries.All this she could sense.It plain out scared them,at will she could if ever given the chance to learn suddenly cause you to go into cardiac arrest or literally rip the blood from your body.Now this would some what explain the fascination the girl had with blood.Now as she sat crooning to herself the staff ignored her.Of all the children she was the most juiced up on drugs.It was a rather daunting thought to know that if given the chance to exceed her abilities,to know what she could one day be capable of.

With a shrill laugh the girl grabbed the toy rabbit grinning.
"What a pretty little rabbit,pretty little rabbit indeed,why don't you talk little one,why wont you play.Pretty little rabbit going to die today." Was her latest twisted words escaping her mouth.Sadly of all the children here,Kiara was seemingly normal compared to some.At times she could be quite times.