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Heartlights, Heartplaces, Innocents and Souls:

Every living thing has a heartlight, and in their heartlight is their magical heartplace, the home of their innocent and soul.

Your innocent takes the form of a four-year-old you and protects your soul. Without an innocent, your soul is weak and you can become possesed by evil spirits.


As a sprite, it is your duty to make the people of Teradia happy-though you may choose not to follow that rule. You control ONE type of weather, and ONE type of element.


No, you are not the tiny, helpful imp of fairytales. You are a strange, misundertsood being. Nobody knows whether you are good or evil.


(female only) Poor, misfortunate child! You were left by your boyfriend right before your wedding, and you died of heartbreak. Now you seek revenge! Or maybe you simply seek a bit of love and comfort?

ysterious child! Nobody fully understands you. You were made of the heartlights from perished animals or plants, or sometimes even people. You seek justice for those whose heartlights made you. Being 'unborne' you have no soul, but you do have an innocent. One of your aims in 'life' is to gain a soul and be born properly.

Evil, vile person! You seek to create the ultimate battle warrior.

A Guardian Angel
As a guardian angel, you watch over a special person and guide them through their life.

A Fallen Angel
As a Fallen Angel, you were pushed from the sky by a demon. You seek revenge on that demon - a holy, pure sort of revenge. In order to return to heaven, you must defeat that demon and turn them good and pure.
-Light Angel: A good angel.
-Dark Angel: An evil angel.

A demon
You may be pure evil, or just misunderstood. Your job is to push as many angels from the sky as possible - for when on the earth they are vulnarable.

- If you are hybrid with an animal you are then considered as example: A fox Demon etc: Taking on a hybrid stance concludes that your character is no longer a full blood demon. 

A Teradian
You could be a normal person, a witch or wizard, a vampire, a vamprine (half a vampire) or an experiment.

Poor child! As a small baby, you were taking from your parents by the Scientists.. Your innocent, heartlight and soul was merged with that of an animal, resulting in you having certian animal parts, such as the ears of a dog, or the tail of a cat. You were beaten and branded, and left to die because you were too 'weak'.

A Black Knight
Noble, good knight. You follow the great warrior, Shu' lu, The Lady Of The Night, and look with hopeful eyes upon her sacred daughter, Shu' lu the second (or Lu' lu as she is called). 

You are not small but rather the size of a human, and you possess supernatural strength.

You are not small but are quite the normal size-with something else. You have powers and, of course, pointed ears.

You are a Menehune. You are a shy forest dweller and you can be two feet high, though some times only six inches, and you are capable of fitting in someone's hand. You are helpful and usually come with the night. You never are seen in the day.

Valkyries are females who were thought of as Odin's sheild maidens-virgins with golden hair and snowy arms who severed chosen heros.

You are small, and you are said to guide miners to ore by your knockin. You are good natured, but if angered you have been known to throw stones at humans.

You follow humans and are given the advice to never let yourself be seen. You are thought of as being mischievous and malicious.

You haunt roads and you are feared by traverlers, but you can be helpful by changing your shape to a cat or a dog. You always show lost traverlers the right road to take.

You are sent by the fates to do their bidding, for when it is time for someone to die you let a deadly cry that kills the person. You are known to wear red robes and have dark skin.

You are a forest spirt. You are known as shape-changers and you sometimes make yourself small to hide, though you usually stay in your human form.

You are a daughter of the sea-nymphs Doris and Nereus. You are sometimes seen frolicking on the surface of the water.

As a human you have no actual power, but you can learn if you have enough will power.

 You can control either one/or more of the four elements(Earth, fire, wind, water).

The sorcerer is a natural arcanist who usually claims dragon ancestors as the source of magical power. The sorcerer knows a limited number of spells per day and need not prepare them daily. The sorcerer is also able to cast more spells per day than a wizard of comparable level.

A Mage is a user of magic in fantasy-related media, synonymous with a wizard.

The wizard is a student of arcane magic who has studied it for years, practicing until able to command arcane magic with ease. The wizard must prepare spells every day, and when cast, the spell leaves the wizard's mind.

A derogatory term that used in some societies to designate someone who practices malefic occult practices.

savagebottomcopy.jpg picture by Bambilicious_babe