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The Story. . . .

Welcome to ... TERADIA!

Follow your heart and find Teradia,

Land of pure beauty,

Pained by Evil.
Borne from the pure light;

Called forth from the winds,

It rose from the still waters.

A Paradise if ever there was,

But paradise is fantasy,

and until we depart into the ever-after,

there will always be evil lurking.

A hidden lands far beneath the world we know.It has for many centuries been a home to many.
As you enter Teradia your eyes bestow 'poun a Lush green domain.Trust not on your first Impressions.Not all is what it seems.War plaques the land a never ending battle between good and evil.No mistakes can be made your survival depends on it.So knowing all this what alignment do you pledge your self to,Tranquility and goodness of the likes of Pure hearts or the cold,dark and sinister ways of those of Evil
'The green, hilly landscape was dotted with small flowers of varying colours and sizes, each one swaying softly with the gentle breeze that was blowing through the long grass. The sun was high in the bright blue sky; a few wispy, barely visible clouds were delicately strung across the sapphire background...'

Or Perhaps Joining this battle is not entirely for you?
Fear not there is school in Teradia. Here everyone of any age can come here and learn things, just like a normal school but this school is not normal it's teacher's aren't normal and neither are the student's!

You are even allowed to design your own uniform! (as long as it's decent)

The school spans an entire town, so don't get lost!, but don't worry, there are Guides you can ask to help you if you do, their really helpful (plus, they're pretty cute!).

'The school was …beautiful…for lack of a better word.

The buildings were made out of gorgeous white stones that were splashed and speckled with soft spots of gray, and the gardens were bursting with flowers. Huge archways, well-polished pathways and curved stairwells with ornamental handrails gave the school a grand, palace-like appearance...'



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