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A note from Shadow_Rose_Heart:

During ancient times (you old ones should remember) most Teradians  lived together in groups or clans.

However, a great war began in Teradia, and in it's aftermath it left a distruaght and broken land. Most clans died, and so did their traditions...

Most say it was a punishment from the divine spirits, others say I merely went to sleep on my keyboard, but after that war, Teradia was lost for many, many years.

How it happened doesn't matter,

all that matters now is:

Teradia is back!

So? You wanna start you own clan huh? Well, what makes you think you have what it takes? No, seriously, I'm asking you...

Make ya' own! OR Open Rps





BTW: Only one chracter per user can be the leader of a clan, unless another of your characters is voted into that postion. Eg: the leader dies and the otther members ask you to take over, ect.