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 ∙o Character Picture

∙o General Information o?/STRONG>





∙Hair Color:

∙Eye Color:

∙o Character Info o?/FONT>

 ∙o Abilities & Weapons o?/FONT>

∙Martial Status:
∙Sexulaity Preference:
∙Love Interest:





∙oPersonality o?/FONT>

∙o History o?/FONT>



Past Reflections.
scroll down for easier form

Character Picture : ( Required, Try not to make it a character everyone knows! )
.:Date of Birth:
.:Height (doesn't have to be specific, eg: tall, short, blah blah...blah):
.:Eye Color (if no picture, or not visible in picture):
.:Hair Color (same as above):
.:Dominant Hand:(The hand your character uses the most) 
Personal Character Status
.:Alignment: (Good, Neutral, Evil, couldn't give a damn...)
.:Marital Status:
.:Sexuality Preferance:
Battle Info
.:Techniques: (Max 20)
(The following is not Required)

.:Current Status

.:Fave Quote:

                          Ok if your a teacher just add what class you will be teaching simple enough? I do hope so