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If ever you need a sanctuary, or are in search of guidence, the Omonimiki is the place for you.


'The trees that grew at the outer edge of the forest were tall and slender, Their branches twisted and curled around each other, as if they were holding tight to their fellow trees, not wanting to let go...'

The Omonimiki  is the sacred birth place and home of the Song-Trees.

If you are truly deserving, the Omonimiki will grant you anything your heart desires.

Go to the forest


Or maybe you wish to visit the keeper of this amazing forest, and purchase some of her healing potions or defence items? They have a reputation for being the best in the whole of Teradia!





'The old house was a series of rooms that spiraled around the trunk of an extremely large and old tree. The rooms looked as if they were sculptured out of the tree itself, and were connected via wooden steps. The entire house was riddled with flowering vines, but was not unkempt. The flowers gathered in bunches of two or three, and were blood-red in colour, fringed with silver and dappled with gold...'

 Go to the house