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The Unarias Pack


Led by the young Minarias This Packs Is For Those Of Werewolf and Lycan Blood,Though it is accepting of a megre few of different races.


Alpha/King: None
Alpha Pups/Heirs: None

Advisor: None

Beta Male/Second In Command: None
Beta Female/Second In Command: None

Delta Male/Third In Charge: None
Delta Female/Third In Charge: None
Pups of the deltas who will go on to one day be deltas or hold another important position.

Lead Guardian/Watcher/Minder: None
Guardian/Watcher/Minder: None

Head Scout: None
Scout: None
Apprentice: None 

Head Healer: None
Healer: None
Apprentice: None

Head Hunter/Food Gatherer: None
Hunters: None

Head Warrior: None
Lead Warrior:
Soldiers: None
Assassin Trainer: None
Assassin: None
Apprentice: None

Head of Intelligence Gathering/Spies: None
Intelligence Gathering: None
Main Tracker:
Tracker: None
Apprentices: None

Pups/Children/OffSpring: None
Elders: None

Omegas: None


Unranked: None
New Members: None
Total Members: 1
New Ranks: None
New Births: None

Allies: None as of Yet:
Prisoners: None:
Punishment: None

The Unarias Pack
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