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1. respect EVERYBODY, no offensive or disgusting comments in ooc

2. do not steal pictures or ideas from this site and say they are yours, ask a manangerfor premission and rules or you will be BANNED

3. do not argue unless something is unfair.If this is the case contact a manager on the General Board the issue will be soon dealt with

4. Do not play a character until you have been accepted

6. entries have to be at least 2 lines, maybe more for competition.One Liners are ..Okay sometimes

7. Spelling isn't so important but try to make sense

9. remember this is role palying do not make your character do somthing unnormal.

10.Under no circumstances are SEX scenes allowed unless you do the following Picture + Table that way you can't view it on the whats new page,failure to do so will mean an automatic ban.

11.Swearing is allowed but keep it to a minumin

Ok just adding onto the rules, this site IS for all ages so if porn or hentai is found the member using it shall be BANNED! We stand by this rule, if you think any of the rules are unfair there here to protect you and other's so don't complain to us if you character HAS been taken off the site because of porn or hentai. If you read the rules and try and stick to them then you will be fine.

NOTE: Do not post adds for 'Sexy Singels' On our site we will not allow it and after so many times of posting that add you will be banned for as long as we see fit, because there are children here and we really don't want to get in trouble with their parents because digusting things are posted on our site. If you keep doing it after you have been unbanned then your membership will be canceled, because I am getting sick of having to delete those posts and telling people off and they wont listen so please read this it's for your safety, the safety of children and our own safety as Managers.

~ChildOfDarkness~ AM (Not impressed)