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Version Number 2: Sailor Jupiter
Featuring: Sailor Jupiter/Lita
Inspiration: My childhood love for Sailor Moon
Picture Credit: Google Images
Date up: 1/3
Previous Versions: Fake It

: Justine
Nickname: Jussie, Jus, Jusseh, Jaz, Tin, Hussie
Birthday: July 13th. 1989
Location: Sydney, Australia


Program Used: Paint Shop Pro 8
Abilities: Banners and Blends

ONE request per day, I have a life and I don't sit down all day making banners
2. Patience is a virtue
3. Supply GOOD quality pictures
4. Please don't add me on MSN about your request, I wont make your request
any faster thanthe ones who arent on my MSN.
5. Only FOUR pending requests on my board
6. I'll be making ONE banner for your character unless it's REALLY needed for a
second/third etc
7. Please don't ask me to design your E-fed, I just don't have the patience to make
show/rules/superstars etc.. banners, I might do Homepage banners
but please don't make me search for
mixed superstar pictures.
8. When the request is done, there is no reason to save as it's on Imageshack
9. I would apperciate some feedback after you've saved the banner, eg. Rate/Hate
10. To make sure you have read my rules, put "My Childhood Hero Was [Insert name]

in 'read the rules

Your Name: (Insert your name here)
Type of Graphic: (Banner/Blend)
Site Being Used: (Link here)
Poser: (Face of people or person)
Size: {Width & Length)
Colour Scheme: (What Color you want on it)
Text: (eg. Character Name and/or slogan)
Extras: (Anything else added on the banner or any special notes)
Read the Rules: (?)


Xtreme Wrestling Federation" In a pitch black scene those words are heard, they were from a woman. "Independent Wrestling Empire" The same voice spoke up once more as a light emerges, it was a candle. The person, who is holding it, is a blonde female bowing her head down. The lady looks up and she is revealed as Delta Madison. It is known where she is but that didn’t really matter as the lady so divine is BACK. She looks into the camera holding some sort of paper.

Delta Madison: " I spent some time the IWE, I thought that place would be my new home?Oh I was wrong. That place deteriorated, because of one person?Jazmynn Amber. That bitch has no fucking clue how to run a wrestling business; this bitch is what twenty one? I still question Stunray, Jack Chaos and Jekel appointing her such position."

She pauses for a second and shrugs her shoulders just dumbfounded. She picks up the paper of which is an IWE contract, well a copy of it. The contract seemed to be altered a bit, the IWE logo was crossed out and a big XCWA and a badly done WWE logo was written over it.

Delta Madison: "You see this paper? This is an Independent Wrestling Empire contract. Wondering why XCWA and WWE are scribbled over the logo? It’s simple; IWE became an exact clone of the XCWA and WWE. In the beginning IWE was all about wrestling and no bullshit, now it’s about the entertainment and fucking babies and marriages. I just don’t understand that shit, seriously? I had to leave; I didn’t want to be in a place where there was so much pussy drama and had a shithead of an owner. It’s really sad that IWE lost all their major players like Stunray, Jack Chaos, Renix Williams, Havoc and Chuck Alexander, who I may add, was the only credibility in it. Jack Chaos created that motherfucking place for god sakes and now look at this creation?totally fucked."

"I would like to give an IWE a simple FUCK YOU" Delta than proceeds to burn that contract with the candle. The paper alights and disappears turning into ashes as Delta just smiles evilly. She then chucks the rest it before the fire touches her hands on the floor and looks back into the camera.

Delta Madison: "The XWF is my home, it’s always been and forever will be. XWF may have failed and closed its door numerous time but one thing is for sure is that XWF is for LIFE.

"Once XWF ALWAYS XWF!" " She proclaimed out loud.

The camera pans out to an outside place; it was the IWE arena she was standing at. Now picking up a spray can which was coloured pink, she shakes it up and begins to write on the building with the words "XWF > IWE". As she finishes up she then proceeds to write another message "FUCK YOU JAZMYNN"

"You think this some kind of joke? Bitch you’re wrong? XWF IS BACK MOTHERFUCKERS" With saying that Delta then proceeds to leave the scene, leaving the camera to pan on the graffiti and then fading the black.