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Full Name: Ashleigh Rebecca Alexander-Jamison
Alias: Rebecca Alexander
Former Alias: Ashleigh Alexander[Indy's], Chanel [OVW]
Nicknames: Ash, Lee, Becca
Date of Birth: April 3rd, 1983 [22]
Birthplace: Sacramento, California
Hometown: London, England
Residence: Long Beach, California
Parents: Chantelle and David
Siblings: N/A
: 5'7"
Weight: 129lbs
Piercings: One in each ear
Tattoos: Lower stomach on the left side is a Japanese symbol for Love (Dedication to her late father)
Nationality: British and Yugoslavian
Hair Colour: Light brown hair with blonde highlights
Natural Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown
Eye Colour: Hazel
Marital Status: Married to Wesley since 2002
Pro Debut: 2003
OVW Debut: 2004
Trademark Move(s)
: Spike DDT, STF
Finisher: Boston Crab
Trained By: Fit Fintly, Al Snow, Ivory
Managed: N/A

Ashleigh was the only child in her family, she lived in a rather rich household which made her the apple of her parents eye. She was of course Daddy's girl her father treated her like a princess and gave her whatever she wished for. This made her a total spoilt brat, she always used her money to get what she wants. Her father was a huge wrestling fan and even had connections with Mr McMahon himself where he worked for the company many years back. Ashleigh grew interested in wrestling and wanted to become a wrestler herself, she idolized Shawn Michaels.

Her father wasn't to thrilled about her decsion about becoming a wrestler but supported her. Since her father was friends with the owner of the WWE he got her to train with doctor Tom Pitchard in 2003, she was only twenty years old at the time and wanted to get as much exprience as possible. She contuined to train as hard as possible with the help of Fit Fintly, Ivory and Al show during the whole year of 2003. After a whole year of training she debuted in WWE's developmental company OVW . But some sad news Recently her father had passed away due to a heart attack, this was a wake up call for her. She relized that her father wasn't around, so she tried even harder to prove she has the heart and desire to make it in the company and hopes to debut in the WWE televison soon.


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