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Blood is thicker then water

Mother: Ashleigh Marie Levesque
Elizabeth's mother died when she was two years old, she dosen't remember much about her

Father: Adam Levesque
Elizabeth's father died when she was two years old, she dosen't remember much about him.

Uncle/parent: Paul Levesque
Her foster dad who is the older brother of her biological father. He raised her and has been there most of her life, she considers him her father.

Aunt/parent: Patricia Levesque
Her foster mother. She has been there for her an supported her over the years and treats her like her real daughter.

Cousin/ Older sister : Lynn
Linh treats Elizabeth like her younger sister she never had, they didn't share that much time together but Elizabeth conisiders her as a sister.

Cousin/ Older Brother: Paul Michael Levesque (Triple H)
She is very close to Paul, without him she wouldn't have the guts to step into the wrestling ring. He showed her the ropes of the business and treats her like his own younger sister and can be very over-protective of her.

Daughter: Cianna Ashlyn Levesque
Born on May 26th 2006, she is the daughter of Randy and Elizabeth

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Randy Orton
They met around late 1999 when they both were in OVW, they became an item and got engaged with October 2005 with a baby daughter Cleo Amara. In early july they called off their engagment but they are still friends.

Brianna Sanderson
Elizabeth's childhood friend, she's know her since she was 7 years old.

Darien Marsden
An old friend who had lost contact with each other but recently rekindled their friendship.

Adam Copeland [Edge]
She conisders Edge a brother she never had, Edge helped her train

Jay Reso [Christian Cage]
She also considers Christian and a brother she never had, along with Edge he helped her train.

Chris Jericho
Another man she considers a long last brother, she loves to travel with him when he is on Tour with Fozzy.

Mark Jindrak
The two became friends  during 2001 when WCW was bought out, she was the one who introduced him to Randy. 

Maria Kanellis
The two became friendly during the 2004 diva search where their friendship developed