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Real Name: Madison Natalie Moreno
Wrestling Name: Delta Madison
Nicknames: Rebel, Punk Bitch,Maddie, Dee
Face: Christina Aguliera
Age: 22
Date of Birth: December 23rd, 1982
Birthplace: Charlotte, North Carolina 
Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina
Residence: San Antonio, Texas
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 117lbs
Piercings: One of her nose, one on her chin, Tounge, Navel, Three on each ear.  
Tattoos:  "DELTA" Written on the back of her neck, a  black sun on her lower back, a black star on her left wrist
Hair Colour: Black
Natural Hair Colour:  Black
Eye Colour: Blue

Trademark Move(s):  Twist of Death (Modified Twist of Fate)
Finisher: Delta Force (Shooting Star Press)
10 Common Moves:
1) Sunset Flip
2) Moonsault
3)  Hurricanrana
4)  Headsissors takedown
5)  Powerbomb
6) Snapmare
7) Swinging DDT
8) The 450
9) Standing Moonsault
10) Senton Bomb

Ring Style: Highflyer, Speedy
Theme Music: "I Think I'm Paranoid" - Garbage 
Status: Face
Gimmick: She is punk rocker, she is rebellious and dosen't listen to authority, she does what is best for her. She is a highflyer who does the most impossible moves that a female couldn't do.
Strength: She is fast and can pull off the greatest moves, you ask her to do it she can pull it off.
Weakness: She has had a back injury which put her on the shelf for 5 months
Favorite Matches: Ladder, No DQ, Table matches
Least Favorite Matches: Bikini or mud pit she hates showing her body to the horny male population of wrestling fans

Parents: Alexandria (Mother)  - George (Step Father)
Jonathan (Father) - Stacy (Step Mother)
Siblings: Sidney (26), Anabelle (17),
Step Siblings: Alex (24), Derek (18)
Best Friends: Stephanie Styles, Fate and Trinity Helmsley
Marital Status: Unknown
Achievements: XWF Women's Champion (1) ; Voted XWF Upcoming superstar, XWF Tag Team Champion w/ Stephanie Styles (1), WWE HCTP Women's Champion (3), WWE SVR Women's Champion (1)

Short Bio: Madison Delta Lee was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She was the 2nd youngest out of her two sisters Sidney (26) and Marina (17). Her parents divorced when she was 13 years old, over the years they got remarried where she had two step brothers Alex and Derek. She moved with her mother and two sisters to Deitroit, MI, during her time living there she became a rebel and always got into trouble. Her mother couldn't handle her attitude and her rebellion so she was forced to live with her father in Cameron.  She wasn’t a huge wrestling fan; she thought it was all fake and so stupid,. Madison had many friends ranging from different ages 12 to even 30, She had met Jeff Hardy who was a huge wrestling fan. They became friends and she soon grew into wrestling and thought she should become one because she enjoyed being athletic and entertain people. She started training with the help with Jeff, Matt and the  Cameron clan. At the age of 16 when she met Stephanie Styles, another dedicated wrestling fan that was her goal to become one. The two became best of friends. Many people described her as the Female Jeff Hardy, how she would do highflying moves off ladders! Madison got her first contract with the Xtreme Wrestling Federation where she was christened as Delta Madison. She is tagged up with good friend Stephanie Styles and was in relationship with the 50% Co-Owner Stunray which lead her to win her first championship  the XWF women's championship. Stunray made Delta to turn her back on Stephanie which had ended the most dominate team over. Delta soon realized that she did a mistake turning her back on Stephanie, but Stephanie was still angry at her and wanted to fight her. Delta soon broke up with Stunray and at the next PPV she faced Stephanie and lost her title but grained her friend back when they both screwed Stunray out of the Undisputed title so Fate could win the title off him. Stephanie was out in injury with a broken collar bone where Delta went off-screen for awhile leaving fans in awe. She soon returned back and defeated Roxi to win the number one contender ship but instead injured her knee. Delta had to hang on the shelf for 5 months. On April 13th 2004, Delta made her return along with Stephanie Styles and won the XWF Tag Team Championship off from DR. Suplex and Ric Flair. That didn't last long as Delta was feeling low and decided to quit, this shocked many XWF fans. It is unknown if Delta Madison will return to a wrestling ring.

Fast Facts:
-When Delta was younger, she hated her name Madison and always told people to call her Delta
- She has been arrested 3 times when she was in Detroit
- Her rebellion was due to her parents breaking up and was forced to move with her mother because she was more closer to her father then her mother.
- Delta does have breast Implants
- Delta is very outgoing and loves to make people laugh
- When watching wrestling her idols were Rey Mysterio and Lita. She met Litaat a signing in 2001 and thought she was the coolest person alive and wants to be just like her.
- Her current Favourite wrestler in the WWE is Paul London
- Delta has worked a dark match in the WWE against Trinity Helmsley in early 2003
- She is half Greek (mother's side) and Half Spanish/English (father's side)
- Delta can speak full Greek and a little bit of Spanish
-Her first tattoo she had got was the one on her lower back on her 18th birthday, it dosent symbolise anything as she thought the design looked cool.

--Disclaimer--This Character is no way affiliated with the World Wrestling Entertainment inc?,any other wrestling assocations orChristina Aguilera. This Layout and banners were made by me (Justine). All contents are my creations so please don't steal. If you are caught stealing there will be hell to pay and I mean it! So I recommend you not to steal my work and just do your own, its not that hard. All these contents are copyright ©2004 .heart shaped box. all rights reserved.--End of disclaimer--