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Real Full Name: Elizabeth Marie Levesque
Wrestling Name: Trinity Helmsley
Nicknames: Trin, Rini, Ellie, Elle,
Face: Mandy Moore 
Age: 23
Date of Birth: June 30th, 1981
Birthplace: Nashua, New Hampshire
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Residence: Tampa, Florida
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 134lbs
Piercings: One in each ear
Tattoos: N/A
Hair Colour: Brunette
Natural Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown

Trademark Move(s): Unprettier
Finisher: Pedigree

10 Common Moves:
1) Spinebuster
2) Hurracanrana
3) DDT
4)  Neckbreaker
5)  Lionsault
6) Spear
7) Hip Toss
8) Powerbomb
9) Downward Spiral
10) Flashback
Ring Style: Grappler and Technical
Theme Music: "The Angle" - Core or "My Time" - Chris Warren Band
Status: Heel
Gimmick: Trinity is completly opposite of her brother Triple H, she is sweet and caring but she won't let anyone bring her down. She has her own opinion and is very classy women as she wont perform in those degrading women's matches like bra and panties.
Strength: She is very technical, she is fast and wont let anything distract her from her goal of winning
Weakness: Trinity hates top rope moves as she hates jumping off the top turnbuckle 
Favorite Matches: No DQ, Last Woman Standing
Least Favorite Matches: Bikini Matches, Bra and Panties
Parents: Paul (Father) Patricia (Mother)
Siblings: Paul Michael (Triple H), Lynn
Best Friends: Stephanie McMahon, Delta Madison, Edge, Christian
Marital Status: Single
Achievements: CWE Totally Toasted Commisioner, CWE Women's Champion (1), UWWE Women's Champion (1), WWE HCTP Women's champion (7), Longest regining HCTP women's champion, WWF:JBI Women's Champion (2), HPW Women's Champion (1) , WWE  SVR Women's Champion (1), RRUW-TTG Women's Champion (1)

Short Bio: The real sister of WWE superstar Triple H... Need we say more? Trinity was born in Nashua, New Hampshire and was the youngest in the family. Trinity was very athletic girl growing up. She participated in swimming, Judo, Karate and Dancing. In her future she thought she would become a world famous singer since she loved to sing. Trinity would hang around with Triple H, follow him on the road when he was on Tour with WWF/E, she soon grew interested in the Wrestling business. She started to train at a wrestling school and also got help from her brother Triple H. She soon stepped into the wrestling business when she entered Extreme Chaos Wrestling (RIP). She aligned herself with Edge, the two became a strong alliance together. She soon left ECW because she was hanging low. so she decided to joined up with Championship Wrestling Entertainment (RIP). She became the commissioners within a short time being the biggest accomplishment she has done so far. she also won the CWE Women's championship and aligned herself with former boyfriend once again. That didn’t last long due to Edge’s younger brother breaking them up with his jealousy. Not long after that the CWE dissolved and went out of business, which left Trinity out for a couple of months. She joined Unleashed WWE and defeated Jackie Gayda to become the women's champion, she lost the title to Amy Lee and after that she decided to quit due to going off bad terms with the mangment. Trinity has appered in many other wrestling promotions, she won the HPW Women's Title off Christy Hemme in an explosive match, also winning the RRUW Women's Championship. She has recently had a make over, she is no longer a blonde but a brunette, her new style she wants to be noticed and taken seriously. She no longer wants to be refered as Triple H's younger sister anymore, she wants to be know as Trinity Helmsley.

Fast Facts:
- Before becoming a big name in wrestling she worked under the name Anastacia for a couple of months
- Other then her brother she was also trained by Edge and Christian
- Before deciding to become a wrestler she wanted to be a singer as she was the lead vocalist in her school choir.
- Trinity sustained a broken Collar Bone in 2002 by a botched move
- Trinity has never gone under the knife, she likes to be natural and doesn't want to be seen as a plastic barbie doll.
-When She was in High School she was extremely shy and was kinda nerdy as she always got straight A's in all her subjects.
- In high school she was obessesed with her hair as she would colour it, she went from red, brunettee, Blonde to black.
-  Her idol in wrestling is no other then her brother Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Ivory.
- Trinity has worked a dark match in the WWE once with Delta Madison in early 2003
- Trinity is very nice and sweet in person, she is still rather shy
- She recently had a messy break up with ex boyfriend Randy Orton  

--Disclaimer--This Character is no way affiliated with the World Wrestling Entertainment inc?,any other wrestling assocations or Jessica Simpson. This Layout and banners were made by me (Justine). All contents are my creations so please don't steal. If you are caught stealing there will be hell to pay and I mean it! So I recommend you not to steal my work and just do your own, its not that hard. All these contents are copyright ©2004 .heart shaped box. all rights reserved.--End of disclaimer--