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Real Full Name: Reilly Michelle Taylor

Wrestling Name: Reilly Taylor

Nicknames: Reilly,

Face: Stacy Keibler

Age: 22

Date of Birth: 6th March 1982

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Residence: Austin, Texas

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 138lbs

Hair Colour: Blonde

Natural Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Brown

Piercings: One in each ear

Tattoos: N/A

Trademark Move(s): Back drop, Jawbreaker, Neck Snap, leg choke

Finisher: Jumping Spin kick

Ring Style: Grappler

Theme Music: "Legs" Kid Rock

Gimmick: A total brat

Status: Face

Favorite Matches: Bikini, Bra and Panties, Single

Least Favorite Matches: Hardcore

Parents: Mother -Angela [40] Father -Michael [44] 

Siblings: 2 older brothers-Tommy [25], Shawn [27] 1 older sister- Lydia [25] 1 younger sister Kasey [10]

Best Friends: Conisders Lydia her best friend

Marital Status: ??

Achievements: None Yet

Short Bio: Lydia and Reilly Taylor the new sister duo in professional wrestling today, Lydia is older than Reilly by three years and as time went by these two eventually started liking the sport of wrestling. Lydia was the first to join a wrestling school as she fought one of the biggest bitches in wrestling history the self proclaimed "The queen of the fucking ring" Stephanie Styles a former 4 time XWF women’s champion, Cruiser weight and international champion. She lost the first time but defeated her on the second go. After that big win she went to her first federation, NWWA, she was a great wrestler; she had become the women’s champion and also had an undefeated streak holding the title of 18 matches. Then after some differences caused her to leave, and that’s when Reilly decided it was time for her to start up wrestling like her sister. She went to a wrestling school and did pretty well. They have recently both are searching for a good company where they can show case their talents

--Disclaimer--This Character is no way affiliated with the World Wrestling Entertainment inc?,any other wrestling assocations Stacy Keibler. This Layout and banners were made by me (Justine). All contents are my creations so please don't steal. If you are caught stealing there will be hell to pay and I mean it! So I recommend you not to steal my work and just do your own, its not that hard. All these contents are copyright ©2004 .heart shaped box. all rights reserved.--End of disclaimer--