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Teradia[email protected] 
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The people behind the site...

Amathiast_Fored: Amathiast is one of the main Managers, she is always working on this site trying to get it just right. She has never let down this site if she makes a promise she goes through with it. With the help of all of us or with out it. She is the main reason that this site is so enjoyable.

Shadow_Rose_Heart: Shadow is the other Manager she is also always on call if something needs to be done on here in a hurry. Though she takes her cleaning up a bit to seriously she is a very great Manager and just like Amathiast she will not let this site or the people on it down.

Chels652: The rule enforcer, she makes sure the rules are keept and if they are not she will tell. She is always there for the site even if she is not always on to keep things where they must be.

Marzie: She is an Alphess of the site also Asst Manager and a great friend to us all she is always there if trouble is bruing, (she is always the reason there is trouble) But she is a great friend to us all.

Shazzy_2: Shazzy is also a great person she helps with the site a lot and will not let it run a muck even if the Managers want to. Shazzy will not let any detail escape her and is also the reason why people keep coming back to Teradia.

KissingWolf1: Ok now to me... Well it's hard to say things on myself  but I have considered leaving this site many times yet I never have I guess I am addicted to all the staff and members!

This is a great site started in 2006 now in it's secound year! And to all the Members who make this site worth while. I don't think we can thank you enough!!!