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Odd PeopleDeemed especially "cool" by 
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Happy Birthday, Fan Man!
Atomic Dog   01-12-09
Dirty Dancing
No, not the Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey cult movie shown forever on television.  This one has teenaged boys bedeviling an assistant principal:   ...
Atomic Dog   01-12-09
Chicken Pox Parties?
The lunatic fringe is at it again!
Atomic Dog   01-12-09
Songs We Sing When We're Alone
Hey the "Witch Doctor" song Greensxy!  My brother and I used to sing that when we did the dishes.  We drove Mom nuts because before the e...
^Bubbles^   01-12-09
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MSN NicknamePanchira0 01-08-09
Atomic Dog 12-13-08
MSN NicknamePanchira0 11-21-08
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