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 Dawning Star's

Herbal Knowledge



I wanted to give a little of my back ground about how I came to learn and use Herbs and natural remedies instead of main stream medicine.

First I started using herbs more than 35 years ago. I grew up with a grandmother that used them and she taught me alot about them,  how to identify them and which ones to use for certain  kinds of ailments. Living in rural Kentucky there are many herbs we can harvest in their natural setting.

I also hated going to the doctor when I was a child and thankfully was never really sick.  When he did give me medicine it always seemed to make me feel worse or give me some sort of side effect.   I found I had many allergic reactions to much of the medicine they did give me.

When I got older I began to research  information about herbs and how to use them. I read books.. took as many classes as I could find about them.

I am a master certified herbologist. and am currently working on getting certified as a Nurapathic Doctor. That hopefully will come to pass by late next year.
I in no way say I know it all, but what I do know I share with others. It has been 35 years now and I still don't know everything.

I remember reading once that the herbs of the field should be for our medicine. I feel that was true than and still is today.

I have also spent many years  studying modern medicine. I am not a doctor,  nor would I ever want to be one, for it is my opinion they are not taught to heal, but only to treat. They use a shot gun when a bullet would be more effective in treatment. What I mean is they understand that you are sick, but instead of treating the whole person they only treat the symptoms and not the cause of illness.

I have helped alot of folks over the years .. my family refers to me lovingly as the family witch doctor.. I wear that label with pride because many of them call me when they get ill.

If any of you all would like to ask me any questions please post them on the boards and I will answer them. Remember I am only giving you educational information and what you do with it is up to you.



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