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Love of Life

No one love me, just like me today!

Like me like no other that would stray!

Cause in your heart my love beats true

Beats a different but perfect tune.

Don't rip my heart totally in two

Make it sweet just like you...

Let it beat with lots of Joy

So soon someday I can give you a boy.

But if not a boy a very healthy girl

Living the life of her momma's world.

Learning and understanding her daddies word

Only getting what her parents can afford.

She'll grow up to be daddies lil princess

Look real cute as she dances.

In the circle of life she'll tap her feet

And smile at everyone that she meets

Wakiya Tuwapi



MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 10/2/2005 
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Darkness of the night our dreams come

We have our freedom as we enter the dream realm

We have guides that begin to help us as we enter the dream realm

The messages we receive when in the dreams we have in the night will stay with those

Part of the dream realm is plesant

Part of it is a nightmare

The dream realm will exist forever

Can you fathom the fact that dreams are real just another realm

Who can say we r here when the body sleeps

We will be together as we are guided through our dreams of the night

The dream realm we have complete freedom to go in any direction in the dream realm

We should have empathy for those that head into the nightmare part of the dream realm

There are so many lovely places to go

Why would anyone want enter the darkest words in the dream realm?

Dreams of the night is the most wonderful places to go




MSN Nicknamedråcø2012 1/14/2005 
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All Together

Shining together, each one a star in the Mind of God.
weaving constellations of Light, of Love.

Singing together, each one a harmony in the Voice of the Angels
creating a song of Joy and Devotion.

Swimming together, each one a wave in the Sea of Bliss
murmuring the mysteries of eternity.

Dancing together, each one a step in the Dance of Life
following rhythms of perfection complete.

MSN Nicknamekerrilake 9/16/2004 
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A Friend at Rest
With aching heart
I watched each slowing breath
I held you close
And saw you fade
Through tears of love
I said goodbye
And stroked you gently
Then laid you to rest
We were so close
We shared so much
I'll always miss your loving touch
So clearly I see you
And wish you were here
So blessed to have had you
And shared all those years
So wretched to lose you
I miss you so near
Farewell little friend
May your spirit flow on
Memories will linger
When tears are long gone.
In loving Memory of my dear Siamese cat, Zach
Freespirit 7/12/2004 
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Until We Meet Again
Dad, Forever gone from thy sight
but never from thy heart.
Travel ye through eternity
until we meet again.
Our hearts and lives forever entwined,
My love and hopes are with thee until we meet again.
Rest in peace and happiness
For we shall meet again.
With all my Love,
this is the poem i worte for my dad when he pasted away hope you all enjoy it
dragonsfire 3/8/2004 
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My spirit is soaring like the owl at night, silent, searching and watching me from above.
Protecting me, guiding me.  I feel my spirit rise and fall with the wind.
Silent strength, sharp talons and a hunger that won't be denied is testimony to hes wisdom.
Without wisdom, life would end, without strength, famine would prevail.
Without sight predation would occur, without silense all would be detected and destroyed.
Without spirit, all would be dead.
Befriend the spirit and learn the lessons, feel the omnipotence and grandeur of living.
Test the endurance of the body, listen to the silence for the whisper of life.
See the beauty of the land and living.
Seek the wisdom of experience.
Soar with the spirit, run with it, swim in its oceans and sleep in its cradles above the land and under the sky.
Taste of the earth and the salt of the seas.
Breathe of the sweet nectar of life and return to life the spirits taken so more will be here tomorrow.
Take only the old, sick, slow and injured leaving the strong, fast and healthy to survive.
Release all the spirits so they may return and replenish.
These are the laws humans should live by to insure tomorrow.
Love the Light,
Humma Waquesi
MSN Nickname-_Humma_- 12/24/2003 
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 Christmas time draws near

children singing with the the reindeers

Santa's on his slay again,

bringing hope to many


gift of many treasures

as the child opens a box

what inside he says

a drummer boy

shining smiles overcome


now his tears are done

his sister sits alone

looking lost and alone

she deciding will i open my box

and she laughs and says

my mum always knows what i need

will it be what she keeps,


and so her box is open

inside a special toy

a rainbow doll sparkling new

now both brother sister are happy

knowing each got something new,


the message here so simple

a gift comes from your love

in you heart it remains

a simple toy

brought so much joy

take care this year


what you give

 is a  simple toy

treasured by both children for life

its by giving

that its never forgotten


A little drummer boy 

AAnd a   little rainbow doll

brought so much joy

two little children,

treasured for life


isn't that nice

merry christmas



MSN NicknameAngelLancelot2 12/5/2003 
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My Circle Of Friends

I have friends just North of me .

They make me smile and make me happy.

I also have friends just to the West.

They try there hardest and are the best .

I can't forget the ones out South.

Know how to speak and not very loud.

Can't forget my friends out East.

Very proud to say at least.

All my friends I have here today.

Make me happy in every way.

This is a story that will have no end.

Cause this my circle , My circle of Friends.

                                                       Migisi Taipa


MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 11/14/2003 
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Without You In my Life

I ask the creator for a reliable man

He gave me you to hold my hand.

I whisper softly everynight

You held me close and held me tight.

You gave me your name

And I wasn't ashamed.

We took on life in our own hands

Lived in the woods and had lots of land.

We raised a very big family

Blue for you and Pink for me.

Without you in my Life

I never would have been your wife.

                                         Migisi Taipa


MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 9/24/2003 
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Captured My Heart & Set It Free

I was here in the feild of dreams

Looking far into the streams.

I saw you come into my sight

I took off to take a flight.

You was on my every thought

Wasn't giving up till I was caught.

You captured my heart & set it free

Took away my pain and made me happy

So the day shall come and I'll suffer no more

I'll meet my true love on the golden shore.

He'll make my life so complete and so well

Be in heaven instead of hell.

                               Migisi Taipa


MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 9/17/2003 
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Creature of the Night


Eyes of the night

Sleep during the day

Looks for small creatures

He calls his prey

He grabs them with

His talons so sharp

Chews them up

Just like the hawk

His wingspand is wide

Not hard to see

Sometime it is to hard to believe

This creature of night

Is called the owl.

Stays up high

Away from the howl.

                                Migisi Taipa


MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 9/12/2003 
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Next To The Creekside

I went for a walk across the feild

Hoping to find my warriors sheild.

Looked all around

And twice on the ground.

Couldn't find it anywhere I looked

So I decided to take a walk to the brook.

I slowly let my hair fall from being up

Shape my hand into a cup.

I will kneal next to the creekside

Take the water within my hand

Sip it up quickly

Dry my palms upon the land.

Sit beside the creek a bit more

Looking deep within my field

Close my eyes and concentrate

Finally I find my warrior's sheild.

                                        Migisi Taipa



MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 9/11/2003 
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Howling Like The Wolf

Late at night she runs through the woods

Looking for him and his goods

She'll run all night and all day

Look for him , he's black and grey.

Sit upon the mountain top and look upon the gulf

Take a really big deep breath& slowly let it out

And you will hear her very loud

She'll be Howling Like theWolf .

He'll hear her howl and come running too

Be there right by her side

And when they finally get together

He'll never leave her sight

                                                                         Migisi Taipa


MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 9/4/2003 
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                     The Hawk In Me
  I fly from state to state all across the land
   Looking for my lover just to hold my hand
             I stretch my wings out more
             So that I can really explore
           Cause the hawk in me is strong
                And I will fly all day long
      She will keep flying till her time is up
    For when she does find him He'll let her
                   Drink from his cup
The hawk will get her water to fill her thirst
   And the Male will let her always be first
               No matter what they do
         And no matter where they roam
        His love for her will always shine
             And he'll never let her go.
                                         Migisi Taipa
MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 8/28/2003 
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                 My Fighting Warrior
         He stands beside and keeps me safe.
          No harm shall take me away today
          I won't be a memory in his past,
          Like the coyote I'll run very fast
        My hero will fight till there is no end
             Come home with some cuts
          Which his wife will have to mend.
             She'll pray to the spirits
                  Up to the sky
               Light up her offering
                And say goodnight
              Awake in the morning
                To see him alive
              My Fighting Warrior
                  Will survive.
MSN NicknameWakiyaTuwapi12 8/28/2003