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(This page opens very slowly---please be patient) 

The following is the way you must delete cookies from your computer to get all the MSN cookies to delete.
Just clicking on Delete Files under Internet Opions will not delete all MSN cookies.











Open your Internet Explorer to any page.
At the top,
Click on TOOLS
In the dropdown window
In the window that opens then,
On the next window that opens,
The window that opens then will have in the "Address" line  Temperary Internet Files.
These are your cookies.
Next at the top of this window
Click on EDIT
In the dropdown window then
All the lines in the last window should then become highlighted.
Without clicking on anything else (so the lines will all stay highlighted)
Click on FILE
In this dropdown window,
The "Warning" window then will appear.
Click   YES
All the lines should leave the window. If they do not, do step 5 - 9 again.
Your cookies have been deleted now, and you can close all the windows.

Note: The only thing you will notice after deleteing the cookies is that when you go to a chat room or go to upload pictures it will tell you it is downloading the program for them, but when it sees they are still there (in about 15 seconds) it will go on into the page.

This is the first thing MSN advises you to do if you contact them. I hope it helps you with some of the problems getting into communities.