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Computer Tutorials

I decided to put together some small tutorials for basic things on the computer and in groups so that those of you who need a little help doing some things will be able to see it in writing.  I am willing to help anyone I can with things I know.

I.  Getting graphics to use on pages and in messages:

When you decide you want to find graphics, you can search from the top of the What's New Page or the Front page and most pages in the groups. (Search is found between Hotmail and Shopping at the top of this page)  There is a link at the top of the page for "search".  The search command brings up a blank box for you to type in a few words to do your search.  A good combination to start with is... free graphics or free webpage graphics.    You will get a list of places you can go to find graphics.  It is very important to look in the site with the graphics to see what their terms of usage are and if they want credit where you use their graphics.  (Personally I do not use shareware graphics for messages, since I don't have room to put the links in the messages always)   

All graphic sites are built in places where the bandwidth usage has to be protected so they do not have to put out money to pay for bandwidth when people steal it by not downloading the graphics right, so pay attention and do what is proper.  Here is how to download the graphics and be safe.   Check the page the graphics are on.. if you are supposed to click on the graphic to make it the right size before downloading then do so.  Once you are ready to download the graphic or picture, then right click with your mouse on the graphic.. a little menu will come up and on internet explorer it will say save as.   You click on this and a page comes up with your computer in it.  You go to the little box at the top and click on the little arrow at the right of it.. all of the places you can go in your computer for graphics and things you save are there.  Click on the one that says C:drive if that is where you save things to your harddrive.  Once that opens up, then if you have a folder already set up to save graphics in then double click on that folder and open it.. then save your graphic.. (note if the graphic has a name that needs to be changed for your information, then change it before you save it to your folder in the little box at the bottom of that screen which lists what graphic you are going to save)   If you do not have a folder for graphics, then go to the top of the screen after you open C: drive and there is a tiny folder on the right at the top that if you hold your mouse arrow over it says new folder.. click on it and a folder will come up with a highlighted area that says new folder.. without undoing the highlighting, place your cursor in the (brackets) and type what you want to name the folder.. such as Graphics.   Once you name the folder.. then double click on the folder (left mouse key) and when the folder is open then save your graphic in it.  Anytime you want to go to this folder, you will open C: drive and look through the list of folders and find the one you named graphics. 

Now that you have your graphic or graphics in a folder (you can add lots to it) you go to a community you belong to and go to pictures.  Once in pictures, you create a new album.  When you create it, name it so that you can identify it and put a description.  (Note the way I describe some of my graphic folders)  Once you name it and save it, then open it and click add pictures.  When you click add pictures, wait for a little while and another screen will come up.  Make sure you are looking in your C:drive where you have your graphics.  Find your folder you named for your graphics and click on it.  It will open and all of the pictures of the graphics you have there will appear.  Click in the little box at the top of the graphics you want to upload to your picture album.  Once you click the ones you want to upload, then go to the top of the screen and click upload now.  It will start uploading.  (if you have trouble or it stops, then try again, sometimes it will malfunction as all things do once in awhile on the computer.)  Once they are uploaded you can view them in your picture album.  Now you are all set to use them in your messages in any community you belong to in msn groups or soon to be groups.

II.  Putting graphics in your messages

Now that you have your graphics in a photo album and know they are free to use on the web, then you are ready to dress up your messages.  Either open a new message on a messageboard or reply to one that is there.  When the screen comes up.. you will see all kinds of things at the top of that screen.  These are all tools to help you enhance your messages.  Right now we will deal with adding a picture to your message.  The add picture tool looks like a little postcard with a mountain on it, towards the center of the bottom row on the top of the message screen.  Before you click on it make sure your cursor is positioned in the message where you want the graphic.  Click on this and wait for another screen to come up.  On the left of the new screen you will see all of the groups you belong to listed.  Click on the one you put your graphics in and all of the picture albums in that community will come up.  Choose yours by clicking on it and wait for the pictures to come up on the right.  Once your graphics are showing, then click on the one you want to put in the message (make sure there is a red outline around it after you click on it)  then click add picture.  Wherever your cursor was is where the graphic will show up, so make sure your cursor is where you want the picture.  If you decide to get rid of the graphic before you send your message, you can go to the picture, put your cursor to the right of it and backspace until it is gone.  Then if you wish to add a different one or place the one you downloaded to the message in a different place, then you repeat how to add a picture.  Now your message contains a picture.

If you have questions please let me know. 


Winds of Change