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We Will Never Forget

September 11, 2001 


This is our memorial to the day

      that changed us forever.                   


We reached out for each other

in shock on that day

when our country was

attacked in a way we had

never experienced.

We cried and the whole world

cried with us as we waited

for days and days for

news of survivors.

Many lost loved ones and will

not see them until they

pass from this life, but we

remember and we pray

for them everyday.

Those who lost their lives on that day

are still here in our hearts

and in the hearts of their


We will remember and they will

be a memory for us all to

pull together and watch

that this does

not happen again.

Pray for those lost and

our country on September 11,

the anniversary of a time of terror

for the world and remember.