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Sacred River Meditation

I wish to share my "Sacred River" meditation. Always to me water as in the river or great lake has called to me.  It gives me peace and strength. It calms my being and brings me to serenity. River is a great power,  it moves always taking from one direction, giving to another. It follows its path true, it gives of beauty, nourishment and power. To me river is sacred.
To find the sacred river, close your eyes, breath in and out four times and keep breathing and soon you will see the river in your minds eye. It will feel like a thought, but all is thought. When you hear the river, and you will hear it, you are ready to find teachers at the river and to learn their teachings.
This is a place of truth and spirit, where you can learn of your truths that you need. Ask for a guide to come to teach you the truths you need in your daily life and ones you have need of, of the seven truths, will be shown you.
After the meditation you will feel peace and calm within, answers to many questions and a new knowing of yourself.
Peace and love to all

Shared with us by Cree