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I wanted to share with you a site I have enjoyed tremendously.  It is the site of Don Marco's artwork.  All of his art was done in Crayon and they are magnificent.  I think you will enjoy it. 
Winds of Change
MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> 1/16/2008 
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This link is to the Good Housekeeping Site of the Day Archive.  There are some really interesting and fun sitesin this archive.  I hope you will try it and enjoy it.
MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> 7/17/2006 
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This is a site I know alot of you will enjoy.  It has so many links to lots of places that you will enjoy finding.  It has something for everyone.
MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> 4/6/2006 
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Circles Of Light

This site has a wealth of information from spiritual healing, pranic therapy (body rythms) to past lives therapies, links to angelic realms, et cetera. The link provided will bring up the latest newsletter and access to the site.

I added the link here in the description area because for some reason it will not "link"  in the link column.


Starrinite 5/4/2005 
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A Course In Miracles lover's paradise.  A huge resource for anyone wanting to learn how to Forgive and learn about what Forgiveness really means.  Free everything.  Music, audio tracks on enlightenment gatherings, publications.  And  lot more.  Have fun, dive in! 
MSN Nicknamekerrilake 12/16/2004 
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This is a site where you can post your loved ones or friends name who are serving in our military for prayers to be said for them. 
MSN Nicknameanglwhispers 8/25/2004 
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This is a site where Native Americans of all nations can get together and share cultures, stories and spirituality.  It is a place of peace and serenity.  We have many Nations sharing knowledge and prayer as well as happiness and family.  Come, look us over.  Only those with a profile will be accepted as members due to spammers, sorry.
Love the Light,
Humma Waquesi

MSN Nickname-_Humma_- 1/4/2004 
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A wonderful place to relax and enjoy.  A journey of the mind with beautiful Surreal art.  The words are very thought provoking and leads you into thinking and renewing or awakening if you have not reached that point yet.  It is a beautiful place to spend time. 
MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> 6/27/2002 
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This site is a good place for beginners and offers free online courses on many different spiritual subjects. My tip would be to keep what feels true and right to you and leave the rest. And when you are in doubt or not too sure about something, take it in prayer.
MSN Nickname♥DearHeart?/nobr> 4/17/2002 
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This is a treasure trove of unusual and interesting links for those times when you are bored..hehehehe it is a neat site.
MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> 3/7/2002 
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This site is of recorded ghost hauntings in Illinois and other areas as well. Good reading.
realistic 2/13/2002 
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Pranic ( Energy) Healing, a interesting site, healing is so important to all of us.
MSN Nicknameanglwhispers 2/2/2002 
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Since all of us receive lots of emails offering free things, wanting sympathy and many other things which turn out to not be true.. this site lists alot of the hoaxes and is one of the most thorough ones I have visited.  I thought I would post it so that you would be able to know what some of the current hoaxes are that are circulating the net.
MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> 10/6/2001 
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I find this site interesting and enlightening.  My spirit felt very peaceful as I read about this persons journey.  I hope you will enjoy it too.
MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> 9/7/2001 
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Here is a very calming, soothing, spoken and pictorial ten minute meditation from
Guided Meditation
A Moment of Calm  
  With Tara Brach
Photographs by Marcia Lippman 
Tara Brach is the founder and senior teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, D.C., and a practicing psychologist. She teaches Buddhist meditation retreats at Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Center, and other meditation centers around the country.
Marcia Lippman is a New York-based photographer who spends a great deal of time shooting photos in Southeast Asia for her book, "Sacred Encounters East and West."
Starrinite 7/25/2001