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  Coming Together In Spirit


As our Spirits have led us to join others on our path to learn and share the lessons and the knowledge that each of us has gained, we are beginning to understand that even though, for many many years through time, we have been aware of the differences that are many relating to religion, to faith, societies, race and many other differences we are now seeking with the same questions and we are getting the same or similar answers from the same source.  We have put together pages here like a book which brings us all together through Spirit and shows that the differences are not really differences but very closely related and similar.  It seems that we have always been following the same path reaching toward the same source of Light.  He is known by many names and some of them will be mentioned here.  Walk through these pages with the light of love guiding you and opening your eyes and hearts.

Winds Of Change


Note:  All pages posted here are representations of a small portion of the beliefs of the represented religions and belief systems.  If anyone has anything to add or to correct, please email me and let me know what you know about this.  I want to thank those who have been gracious enough to help me find information on beliefs.  There will be more pages as the information is found and put here.  If there should be credit given to any site or author on any of these writings, then please let me know so I can add those to the pages.  I  hope this will help those who have questions about beliefs. 

Thank you, Winds of Change


Disclaimer:  These pages are for information only for those wishing to know more about different beliefs and not an endorsement by A Room Of Light for any one belief system.  All faiths and beliefs are welcome here who walk in the light.

The Management A Room Of Light