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 Message 29 of 29 in Discussion 
From: MSN Nickname_WindsofChangeâ„?/nobr>  in response to Message 28Sent: 1/23/2009 2:53 AM
Hi Dearheart and all,
I see you made it to Multiply Dearheart.. I am still trying to figure it out. lol  They have everything in one big jumble there, so I am not doing too well. lol   This is just the first site I moved to in order to make sure that everyone could join and we would not lose anyone.  I am moving this site to AIMOO soon and it will be our place to be when I get it set up.  They will move everything there too, so I am going to clean up this site a bit and take out some things I don't think we need going with us.  That will make the transition much better.  AIMOO has a built in chatroom for each group, so I hope we will all be able to enjoy that site better.
I copied an address to Multiply that will get you there where you have to go through the joining process to get to AROL for those who have not received invitations from the site.  If you have changed your email address or something else that won't show up to them as the right address, then here is a way to get there    after you join then you should be at A Room Of Light or it should show up on your page.  There is a message at the bottom of the right hand sidebar about the migration so you might find a better address there. lol
Looking forward to getting settled permanently, but will be looking forward to seeing you all in multiply for now.
Love in Light and Peace,
Winds of Change