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From: MSN Nickname_WindsofChangeâ„?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 1/31/2009 1:40 AM
Hi everyone,
Well, I am disappointed in Multiply so am seriously going to delete A Room Of Light from there and either remove it there with alot less messages and boards so we don't have to pay 20 dollars for an unlimited site which would be due every year. 
I am going to delete some things here and then I am going to open a site in Aimoo for this site and will migrate it after I open the site there.  There is a chatroom there for everyone that is free with the site, so I think that is a good place to go. 
I am taking out some of the things I posted here in sections and will copy the pages here to my harddrive in html so maybe I can put them back up sometime.  I am not happy with what we are offered other places, but I guess we have to get along and learn to be in a new site.  At least in aimoo they have it so we can set up definite messageboard spaces so it is easier to post. 
I have had the flu and my computer is acting up, so I will try to hurry and move us then if any of you have time, maybe you can help get things straight there if I can't get things going again like they should.
I have to go have a test for my gallbladder Wednesday so won't know what will come of that until I have the tests done and the results are back, but I have sure been in alot of pain lately.  I guess that is just another thing I will have to worry about when I get to it. lol 
Remember to save your pictures out of the albums here to your harddrive in a folder so you won't lose them when msn shuts down.  You cannot copy them from here to the sites we move to, because when msn shuts down, the pictures will disappear since they have the msn address on them.
Let me know if you have time and a faster computer than I do to help get things straight in the new site at aimoo and I would be very happy to have your help. 
Love in Light and Peace,
Winds of Change