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From: MSN Nickname_WindsofChangeâ„?/nobr>  (Original Message)Sent: 2/1/2009 8:39 PM
Hi everyone,
Sorry I have not been around.  My computer had problems and I had to fix them. 
If you happen to notice that pages and boards will start missing from here, then let me tell you what is happening. 
I am totally not happy with Multiply, so today I am going to remove a bunch of things from here and then make a new site in aimoo which will not let me have pages there I don't think, but the messageboard set up is much easier to get used to.  I am going to remove a few more things so the migration won't be so huge.  When I get a site started in aimoo, I would appreciate any help I can get to help organize the boards.
In this site, if you have pictures in the albums here, then you need to download each picture to a folder on your computer so they don't get lost.  The way to do this is to go to your album or albums and click on each picture, it will get to the right size doing that, then copy the picture to the folder on your computer.  They have picture albums in the aimoo site, but the ones listed here won't automatically change over when they get to aimoo and will all have to be put back in with their address showing after the pictures are uploaded to their server which will happen when you put them in a folder of your own in the site.  I know this is an aggravating time for all of us, but hardly anyone has moved to multiply from this site, so don't join it now, wait until I get an address for Aimoo so you can be invited there or I will post the address here so you can rejoin there. 
After I get the site moved to aimoo and we are settled in then I am going to look for a nice location on the web for a site that I can create things in myself and if I need to I will pay for a domain in order to have a site that can have pictures and other things that we like. 
This is going to be different to go to aimoo, but it does have a built in chatroom for each site there, so that will be good for us.
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them or contact me by email
I hope to hear from all of you soon on here or in aimoo.  When I get to Aimoo  I will make sure there is a general board set up that we can message on as soon as I figure out their ways to do things.  We will be in a new site by Feb. 21, so don't worry. 
You have to make sure your photos are all saved on your computer soon, because when they take out these sites your pictures will be gone if you didn't repost them from your computer or place to save pictures to the new site.  There is a site called Photo Bucket that you can upload pictures to for storage for Free.  You might check that out
I do know that is a reputable place, because people from the sims2 site save their videos and pictures there that they share on the sims2 site with others.  I have heard alot of people talk about it and how much they like it.
Okay I will close this long and wordsy message and let you get to work on your photo albums.
I am going to send this out in the site mail, but if anyone answers to the site email, then I won't get it, you have to send me an email if you wish to email me.  Thanks.
Love in Light and Peace,
Winds of Change