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  Nickname Name Location Interests E-mail Comments Home Page Updated
View the details of this row. Amy Amy Buffalo Grove, IL reading, listening to music, being outdoors

I joined this group because I am interested in learning to meditate and focusing on staying in the present moment--something which is a challengefor me.

I am also interested in developing and nurturing my spiritaulity

View the details of this row. agape112 Pat Florida homeless people,addicts,spirituality,animals
I am a miracle with six years in recovery, & I am privileged to work with people in recovery, with homeless people, people who are needy, & that through the Grace of God, I can hook them up with some help most of the time.  I thank all of you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful site.
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknamefaeriefunny Patricia Auburn, California spirituality, mediums, spirit guides...and more
 I am a mother of three daughters, and will be a gamma of a little girl in September, I am slowly learning about the spiritual world, and am very interested in meeting my angels, I also just like to meet new people via the internet.
View the details of this row. MSN Nickname¤«§Þi®ï†Wõ£ƒ»¤ ¤«§Þi®ï†Wõ£ƒ»¤ Edmonton, Alberta CANADA Wolves, Chatting & Meeting new ppl
Hello! Aaniin. Waynaboozhoo
I am SpiritWolf (Shianne) . Founder & Mgr of SpiritWolfsDen Msn Group.University student taking Pre Veterinary Medicine (2nd yr). I am 21 yrs old, of Saulteaux descent, which is a different dialect for language than Ojibwe/Anishinabe/Chippewa but they still sound pretty much the same with subtle differences. I live with Silverwolf (Conroy) here in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA. We met online in the old MSN Lifestyles "Native American " chatroom in November of 2001 and have been inseperable ever since. 
Well thats me lol. Hope to get to know you all soon!~
View the details of this row. MSN Nickname♥DearHeart?/nobr> Donna Georgia, USA All things spiritual, pastlives, meditation, spirit guides, auras, etc.  
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknamepaleshyone43 Paleshyone Utah Past lives, Spirituality, country music & talking online
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameHevenluv Janine San Diego, California Surfing,Writing,Old Films.BaseBall,Exploring My Spiritual Gifts, My Work As A Psychologist  
View the details of this row. Starrinite Starri Town of Tonawanda , New York Life beyond the physical, spiritual journey, all forms of art (painting, sketching, sculpture), writing.
View the details of this row. MSN Nickname¤°ßlu°¤ Blue Washington Coast Horses,dogs,music,reading,anything outdoors!  
View the details of this row. Nickeli Nicky Ohio Greek- spirituality of most everything-guiding your own power
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameWhiteFang76 Mamatha Earth. I don't know where I will be located tomorrow.. so Earth seems the best answer :) Reading, writing, dreaming, .... Revolution.  
View the details of this row. Tracy Tracy USA Reiki, Outdoor Activities (camping / hiking), sprititual (god), crystals - learning about their healing power
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameAshes_Nana sandy Wisconsin I enjoy Inspiration,chatting & making new friends, I also enjoy collecting Angels & Unicorns,I also enjoy sewing & making things by hand
View the details of this row. MSN Nickname_Lacey?/nobr>   Maine Spirituality, Angels, etc., also my grandkids, crafts, nature's beauty, playing my keyboard & more.
View the details of this row. MoonsLynn Tiff   Dreams, Computers, Cheiromancy, Psychopharmacology, Rare books, Odd things, Eccentric people  
View the details of this row. southerngal Diane Florida computers,baking ,doing things to help others
View the details of this row. Wolfsong1® Craig Ontario, Canada wolves, my children, and of course my beautiful g/f
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameANNIE3855746 ANNIE MINNESOTA I enjoy Inspirational things- also- chatting and making new Friends
View the details of this row. miracleminded Michele New Jersey Viewing life thorugh spiritual eyes;music;and any kind of childlike fun!!!
none 8/4/2001 
View the details of this row. Maia Susan Arkansas Sprituality,philosophy, poetry, writing,art, music
View the details of this row. realistic Donna Illinois spiritual journey, art & crafty things, I love new things & how they work, paranormal
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameBirdsong83 Julie Gold Coast of Australia. Looking after my spiritual site, Entertaining, Dancing, Humour, Friends,The great outdoors

 Hi there,

I live on the coast in Australia, walking distance to the beach and marine life. I was born in the country so this allowed me to explore nature and have many animals, one being a baby kangaroo (Joey) I love life and all it has to offer. My spiritual abilities are increasing with my growth and I'm looking forward to where this path shall lead me.

Love and Light

View the details of this row. Kirsten Kristine ma writing, sharing, learning, rockhunting, Anything that brings wisdom and inspiration.
Share a path for awhile,
one that will enlighten and bring knowing.
For in "Knowing" we are one with our soul...
And the light shines from within.
none 8/1/2001 
View the details of this row. SpiritSeeker Kim Arkansas Spirituality, windchimes. music, polar bears, Integrity  
I am a nurse assessment coordinator in a geriatric facility. I love careing for the elderly. I am also caring for my Granny who has Alzheimer's and can be very challenging!! I am also a Sagitarian. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
View the details of this row. white eagle Betty USA Too many to mention here
 I am here to help where I can, and be a shoulder where I can't
How can we help you?
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameGreek_Princess_Alana Tiffany Ohio Computers,Cooking,Being Myself
 Be Yourself
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknameanglwhispers Betty California Spirituality, communing with nature & spirit
Thank you God/Creator for guiding Winds to create this loving site.
View the details of this row. Phoenix   VaUSA Computers,Music,Movies,Nature
While it would be nice to have nice things and good health while here on this earth, I also keep in mind that I will only be here for a short while. When I leave,  all the material possessions and this body will remain, only the love and light in my soul will I take with me into forever. And when my tasks are done here and I leave this world, the first words I truly hope to hear are "Well Done".
The greatest gift that I could ever leave behind is the Love I leave in the hearts of all those I knew.
View the details of this row. MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> Gloria Virginia Spirituality, Unexplained things, I find something interesting in almost everything.
I like to talk to people and love to learn about new things.  I love to exchange wisdoms learned in life with others and learn more all of the time.  I consider life a constant state of learning.

View the details of this row. MSN Nickname_WindsofChange?/nobr> Maree Australia All things spiritual, artistic and humerous
I posted this for Freespirit because she couldn't get it to work for her.  Winds
View the details of this row. tribemom Nancy Cicero, Illinois crafts, food, videos, talk
everyone has their moments, there are times i just don't want to talk to anyone, then there are times i love to talk.  I love to receive email especially those to respond to. i love to give advise and hear stories and share my stories problem is i work alot and have 5 kids + 1 grandson which takes up alot of my time.  but when i have the time it is to the email i go.  So please write me and lets share our stories.
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameTUNDE2370 Tunde Baia Sprie, Romania spirituality, metaphisics, meditation...and more
Hello everybody, i am 23 years old, i am from Romania, but now I work in Switzerland as an au pair. I am very interrested in spirituality, metaphisics, meditation, angels. Im looking forward to meet all of you. 
View the details of this row. Lynn Debbilynn Eureka, California All things metaphysical, kids horses, reading, creating, guided imagery, past lives, helping others. our website for families
Hello to all who are on this site,
I am looking forward to getting to know you all. I hope I can contribute in some way as well.
My background is eclectic. Many interests and creative areas. I co-own a carriage business with 4 horses,(two of which are miniature horses which do birthday parties) a "Zoo-Choo" train which we built ourselves and love to share with kids and families.
My father was a minister and I have many lessons from a church setting but do not belong to any formal church or religion.
I have been blessed with some gifts, such as clairvoyance(still developing this one), clairsencience, and more. Dreams seem to be my best avenue of mesages because I can "get out of my own way" through them.
I came into this life with a desire to work with children and have done so all my life with an emphasis in working with autistic children. I have a degree in psychology and have been trained in  behavioral therapy. I have been blessed tremendously by these children! They are truly special souls.
Mypartner and I have also created a fun product pertaining to the Tooth Fairy. We have written a book as well.
I personally have written a book to help people understand how a child may feel when being autistic.
I presently am working on another book but it is far from being complete.
I hope to be able to join in the chat room soon.
Thnaks for allowing me into this group.
Our website for kids and pertining to the tooth fairy.
View the details of this row. ladyhawk Kate St.John Ireland Matters spiritual,the arts,books and folk!
Hi all,
Thank you for welcoming  me to your community.I'm a bit busy right now but I will be taking a more active part shortly.Ihaven't so far managed to catch anyone in the chat room but I expect thats to do with time differences.I will try and work it out and catch some of you someday soon.
View the details of this row. acertainsmile Chrissy Arizona spirituality, genealogy, crochet, writing for children
I am a fifty something, stay at home (for now) wife and mother (no grandbabies yet ).  My family and I recently moved to Arizona from New Mexico and I find myself still settling in and adjusting to the energies, and the lack of some, of this area. 
I was raised with a traditional Christian background but began to question its tenants after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome 15 years ago.  It wasn't until my 50th birthday I realized my spiritual journey had come to a complete stand still and that it was time to forgive, study, meditate and begin the journey anew.  There are still too many days the "gotta do's" get in the way of my studies but I keep at it. 
I am very anxious to read and exchange ideas with members of our group and thank you all for welcoming me with love and light.   
View the details of this row. MSN Nicknamepaleshyone43 Paleshyone Utah Spirituality, Spirit Guides, past & future lives
I am interested in Spirituality, Spirit guides, Past    & also future lives and anything that helps me learn about the other side . I also like to read &I enjoy country music & chating online.
View the details of this row. mudo harry virginia martial arts fishing, wildlife  
I believe that all life has a perpose from the largest mammal to the smallest insect.  Without peace and harmony with each other we will pearish.......we need to show all living things the respect and love they are intitled light peace
View the details of this row. Virginia Virginia Virginia reading, cross-stitch
I like peaceful conversations, and quiet times.  I am at the stage in my life where peace and quiet are VERY appealing! I love to be surrounded by trees, the larger the better, and my idea of paradise would be to be able to sit among the trees and listen to the wind and the birds.
I'd be very glad to talk to anyone who would be interested in talking to a 50=something grandmother who's pretty much a homebody.
View the details of this row. Puff Frances Missouri Bible studies, writing, animals,sewing, jewelry making
I like visiting with old and new friends. I just like people.I am a Christian and hubby and I teach Bible classes from our home and we enjoy that. Love doing things with grandkids. I do container gardening as I ccan no longer do regular gardening. I do mostly herbs for myself and my friends and a few tomatoes.
View the details of this row. MSN NicknameCarmen2508 carmen virginia spirituality,animals  
I have an high interest in  learning about the unexplainble. Although i feel like the unexplainable is not always so unexplainable.Sometimes the not  knowing or understanding gets in the  way of giving gredit to GOd. Example Miracles.A doctor or scientiist would much rather spend unneeded time trying to prove the science behind it.Sometimes intellect can get in ones way and redirect their path.