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Late to it Lesbians.Contains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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  Age Name Location e-mail address messenger address Looking for? (love/friends) A bit about yourself Updated
View the details of this row. 37 janet Liverpool, England. do not use messenger online friends my profile>> a bit about myself 9/20/2004 
View the details of this row. 31 MSN Nickname_Katekitty_ w. yorks, england friends love to have a chat and a laugh 12/12/2001 
View the details of this row. 43 Solaia Reading. Berkshire   friends,anywhere I love animals, have a little dog named Sam who is blind by really great company. I also enjoy sci-fi, crafts and reading 6/26/2001 
View the details of this row. 45 annie Solihull West Midlands   Friends and the unexpected! Love good food, music and conversation anytime as well as walking, reading, working out and playing squash. Looking to make some new friends so happyto exchange emails and go with the flow! 8/29/2001 
View the details of this row. 36 AnnPlan Bedfordshire/London   Looking for folk I can hang out with, go clubbing, drink wine, the usual suspects I work in Publishing (OK so I have no excuse for all the typos). I live with my (gay) husband and two dogs. I like running, reading, cinema, I guess I've siad most of it. I'm keen to get eChatting with people, I've done some dating off the net but its a bit hit and miss, so I'd rather get to know folk first (drop me a line and we can see what brews) 7/13/2001 
View the details of this row. 23 MSN Nickname-The-Devils-Sarah- Nr Boston and Skegness, Lincolnshire Friends, fellow net/chat addicts, gorgeous women...someone to love and hug and cherish just the usual ;o) I adore music, the net, chatting, texting, driving along singing away to loud music, the moon, lazy sunny evenings, stormy nights by the coast..stars..etc........ 5/22/2002 
View the details of this row. 40 Jackie England e friends Love music, computers 7/21/2001 
View the details of this row. 21 lilith nottingham,uk   fun, friends and new experiences well i am married, but also very bi-curious, my husband is happy for me to explore the other side of my sexuality. 8/1/2001 
View the details of this row. 19 Bruza Greenwhich, South East, London   Looking for friendship & somone to just talk to I am a student who is new to the scene. 8/3/2001 
View the details of this row. 27 MSN NicknameJ0an_0f_arc Redditch Worcs as above fun, friends and a jolly good time Married but Bi, I love to care :) 8/7/2001 
View the details of this row. 40 jules north west   love I'm a gay single career lady medium build blonde and looking for love! 8/24/2001 
View the details of this row. 33 dawn Liverpool, UK friendship and fun!! I'm a married Bi-Fem and I have pretty wild and bubbly personality...i love womens company :) Can normally see me in the Lisbon and G-Bar on saturday nights with a very nervous looking hubby (the things i put the poor man through!!).....LOL....well, if you see me in there (check my pics ) come over and say hello! :-) 11/17/2001 
View the details of this row. 21 Beth Aberdeen, Scotland friends primarily, but always open to interventions of fate :-) I'm bi, no experience with women so far but I really want to explore that side of me at some point. I spend all my time just now looking after my baby girl, but I'm going back to uni in a few months to complete my degree (eek!). 9/4/2001 
View the details of this row. 48 (yes and proud of it) angelgirl Memphis .Tenn. friends, people who like to have fun, laughs, enjoy who they are.. blond, 5ft 4in, about 128, work hard, play hard, paint, crafts, music, . Moody , but always fair..hign energy to much.. love to dance. well is this enough.. 9/7/2001 
View the details of this row. 18 Nats Hertfordshire, England! Don't mind! Up for anything. I'm 18, fem and quite new to the scene! 9/10/2001 
View the details of this row. 35 bigbux Midlands   Fun, Friendship and maby some fooling around!! Ahh...That would be telling!! E-mail me and find out........... 9/11/2001 
View the details of this row. 32 (years young/immmature-mature. I get on with most ages) kazza Basingstoke - Basing-grot to those who know it !! & surrounding areas chums, mateys, guidance, minded chats. ultimate fulfilment ( yeah.. Dream On -Saddo !! ) 32, grunge fairy , cider freaky, heart of gold, mildley cynical !! 9/18/2001 
View the details of this row. 27 MSN NicknameSexKitten0743 s.yorkshire   love and friends i'm new to all this and i would like to meet any one 9/28/2001 
View the details of this row. 36 MSN NicknameUntiedCat Liverpool, UK     friends, chat's My mind goes blank when I have to think of a bit about myself. 4/12/2004 
View the details of this row. 42 Scribe East Anglia   Anyone interesting!! Just love to talk! Over developed sense of humour, good fun and fairly new to all this - feel free to drop me a line!! 10/9/2001 
View the details of this row. 20 cosmic_babe all over the place (literally) ditto! me is looking for a good laugh and a bit of fun! love? i guess a bonus eh? i is 20, 5'6, short brown hair with blonde streaks! and bright blue eyes! i have been told that u can just fall into them! 10/19/2001 
View the details of this row. 36 MSN NicknameOKnickerless1 York   new friends, laughs, fun. Yep another married lady who is bi, with an understanding hubby. I love to laugh, have fun, club, party and do all the things I shouldnt! lol 10/29/2001 
View the details of this row. 29 madwelshbirdie South Wales as above chat, fun, e-pals..maybe more...... Sports mad, workaholic, into good times, fun and laughs!! 11/8/2001 
View the details of this row. 35 glo Liverpool New friends and drinking mates If you wanna know about me e.mail me and ask ......... go on :o) 11/14/2001 
View the details of this row. 15 (yes, I am kinda young) Kenzie_15 Ontario, Canada (only Canadian in here)   friends Love chatting to people, enjoy playing sports, especially rough sports, and enjoy mountain biking on trails 11/19/2001 
View the details of this row. 40 MSN Nicknamecelticlorie Ireland   friends found love in UK..1st for both of 11/27/2001 
View the details of this row. 28 MSN NicknameBagpuss693 MIDLANDS as above yes i guess all of that i am single,divorced 2 kids and love women interested?? 12/2/2001 
View the details of this row. 30 becci Derbyshire/staffordshire (or there abouts)   friends Ive just moved here and dont know anyone. im gay and out and am easygoing and generally social. Just looking to meet people in the general area for nights out/ friendship 12/4/2001 
View the details of this row. 20 Slave4u oxford   friends I like to shop, drink and dance!......fantastic.......wanna know more?,mail me!!!! 12/7/2001 
View the details of this row. 39 ouch uniquekat Co Durham uniquekristal@hotmail,com   friends and fun Aries (should say it all) 12/12/2001 
View the details of this row. 39 pebbles Oxford   new experiences bi- curious - think I need to discover me 12/13/2001 
View the details of this row. 29 VONNIE derbyshire as above THE WORKS= frindship, love, romance, good times & fun Fem lesbian, 5ft & a bit, short dark hair, 3 kids thanks to an uneducated previous life, LOL 12/23/2001 
View the details of this row. 22 Buffy77 N Wales Friends Nutter, likes a laugh and loves Angelina Jolie 12/27/2001 
View the details of this row. 36 Cate Sheffield Fun folk to chat with via email, to meet, and then who knows :-) Drop me a line. I enjoy a drink and a chat. I'm Bi but wanting more female company. Blond(ish), 5'8", run my own business, love good restaurants, good wine, good company. 12/29/2001 
View the details of this row. 35 rina blackpool   friends love meeting new mates, gsoh,loyal and caring 1/2/2002 
View the details of this row. 40 cannylass Newcastle   friends,fun chat honest,gsoh, enjoy sport, dining out cinema whatever 1/7/2002 
View the details of this row. 31 ginga bedfordshire as above friends i am in to most things, ask my gf lol. i am ex-army, but now i work as a nanny for my neice. me and my gf have 2 kids. i just enjoy chatting to all kinds of people. 1/11/2002 
View the details of this row. very young 40 year old NICOLE40 North east friendship/maybe more shy bi-curious ,but loves to have fun and laughts and long chats. 2/23/2002 
View the details of this row. 20 MAI cambridge/ uk same as above looking for freinds but who knows wot 2moz will bring!! hmmmm!! well i'm outgoing, like to live on impulse so i'm farely mad!! if you want to find out more drop me a line or check out my profile. 3/1/2002 
View the details of this row. 34 MSN Nicknamebusyliz78 Essex   friends I work in London and tend to go out after work with colleagues who are mostly male. I enjoy reading, music, staying in or going out. 3/4/2002 
View the details of this row. 33 Angel80 West Yorkshire as above Fun, friends & may be more Single gay female. I enjoy most things eg pubs, cinema,swimming,computers,walking on the beach,theme parks,quite nights in etc. 3/10/2002 
View the details of this row. 43 supastudent cambs   e-friends, someone to have a drink with, go to cinema I'm a mature student nurse have my own flat and car, have a good sense of humour 3/16/2002 
View the details of this row. 24 Jade Athame Louisville, Kentucky USA   Looking for Friends, committed to the love of my life I love writing poetry and song lyrics, but my passion is to sing. One day I would love to sing professionally, but if not I will be happy singing to the one I love!!! 3/24/2002 
View the details of this row. 25 teddybear Humberside   friends maybe love I'm new to all this so not sure what I'm doing really, but would like some one to talk to now and againe, life seems to be going down hill at the moment 3/27/2002 
View the details of this row. 33 pickle South East   friendship, fun and maybe more Married with baby but gay, recently out to hubby, family and close friends, had one long term les relationship which has sadly now ended. Am finally at ease with who i am and looking to explore further. 4/8/2002 
View the details of this row. 49 angel 11 PORTSMOUTH U.K.   new friends i,m bi fem, 5'6 slim brown hair , i would like to meet another bi female . i have a partner who likes to watch. 4/22/2002 
View the details of this row. 31 cham north carolina, usa same as above friends i enjoy most outdoor activities especially if it has water involved,cooking,partying with friends and making new friends 5/9/2002 
View the details of this row. 16 LIFE MALAYSIA looking for someone to talk with curious and??? 5/10/2002 
View the details of this row. 16 Fierceful Bournemouth Someone to get along with and have a laugh. If anything else comes of it, im not complaining! Well i'm 16, only bi-curious at the mo, but i'd like that to change. I'm 5'3", long brown hair, big dark brown eyes, average build. I enjoy socialising and weightlifting. 5/15/2002 
View the details of this row. 42 MSN NicknameDbl_L319 Kentucky USA same attached I'm a friendly, kind hearted soul. I enjoy reading, writing, cooking good food to share with friends, and being outdoors, but I also love to cuddle up and watch a good movie...don't forget the popcorn. I admit it! I'm an addict of "The Sims"! I love chatting with friendly, interesting people from all over the world so you might find me in Chat. Drop in and say 'Hi'...I don't bite, at least not hard or unless you want me to! LOL! 1/23/2005