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HopeFromBeyondContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Welcome to HopeFromBeyond! Our group is of the Light and all positive energy. We focus on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit given to us by the Lord. Angels, Spirit Guides, and those of Love and Light Energy associated with the Lord aid us. We wish to help those learning how to develop their psychic abilities and to be an aid and support to those who are on a path of better understanding of what psychic abilities are all about. We hope you will enjoy sharing information about your psychic and spiritual experiences, questions you may have, discussing psychic and spiritual topics, and all that you feel would be helpful to others learning about psychic abilities. We want to clarify that we are not involved with anything of the dark here.  Our HFB Forum Group has been here since Sept. 5, 2003, growing from a Chat Room Group on IRC, since 4-1-99.

Blank applications will be automatically denied.

No Blank Applications

 To join our group, it is required to please write us why you would like to join on the application plus have a valid e-mail address. Due to the saturation action of Spammers joining MSN groups solely in order to place commercial ads on the Message Boards,

Thank you for your understanding.

© September 5, 2003 - All Articles are copyright protected.  Lilly, HopeFromBeyond, All Rights Reserved.  Please read "Before You Join Page, #6 for details.




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SInbad has crossed over..
 Dear Ann,   I'm so very sorry for your loss, and I do know that they are very lovingly taken care of by Spirit People who are deeply devoted and loving of animals...
Lilly   02-09-09
SInbad has crossed over..
Ann,   My heart breaks for you!  I know how hard that is to do.  Although we know they are happy and healthy again it still doesn't make us wish they were her...
MSN Nicknamecampngirl   02-09-09
SInbad has crossed over..
My 17 year old Shit Tzu Sinbad, had to be put to sleep on Friday. We were with him the whole time. It was hard, but I really think we probably should have done it sooner. I think we were being se...
MSN NicknameHaile58   02-09-09
Inner Knowledge
Thank you for your comments there Lynn and Lilly. From my own perceptions, I can see that there is more Love for each and everyone of us than what we can humanly comprehend. I have also b...
MSN Nicknameeyeofthetiger6129   02-07-09
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