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Celtic Tree Calendar

Oak Tree Gif


The Celtic Tree Calendar 

As set forth in The Celtic Tree Oracle

By Liz and Colin Murray

     Beith (Birch)      First month ; November

 Luis (Rowan)  Second  month; December.

      Fearn (Alder)      Third month January.

  Saille (Willow)  Forth month February

        Nuin (Ash)          Fifth month      March

Huathe (Hawthorn)  Sixth month      April 

Duir (Oak)    Seventh month     May

Tinne (Holly)    Eighth month     June

Coll (Hazel)      Ninth month        July

Muin (Vine)     Tenth month   August

Gort (Ivy)     Eleventh month September

NgEtal (Reed) Twelfth month October

Ruis (Elder) Thirteenth month the last Three days of October

The Celtic Tree Calander has been questioned as to its validity as a calander actually used by the early Celts. It seems to have dirived from a book published in 1947 By Robert Graves called The White Goddess.