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Days of the Week and Magick




Each day of the week is ruled by the planet diety is was named for.  Here I will explain which day goes with what goal you are trying to achieve.
Monday-Moon Day  This is a good day to work on emotional, domestic and feminine issues.  It is an excellent day to work on the emotional plane such as creative visualization!
Tuesday-The day of the planet Mars.  Named after the Norse god Tiu, the god of justice.  This day is also named for the Greek and Roman god Aries and Mars.  This is a good day to work on energy, assertion and masculine goals.  Mars being a fiery planet it is a good day to work on spiritual cleansing and getting rid of negativity!
Wednesday-Woden's Day, named after the father of Norse Mythology.  The day of the planet Mercury.  This is the best day to consult oracles, especially runes. It's a good day to work on magical operations, writing incantations and writing affirmations.  A good day to work on intellectual goals!
Thursday-Thor's Day the Norse god of thunder.  This day is ruled by the planet Jupiter.  This is a good day to work on issues concerning prosperity.
Friday-Freya's Day the Norse Goddess representing Venus or Aphrodite.  This day is ruled by the planet Venus.  This is the best day to work on love, relationships and friendship!
Saturday-Saturn's Day!  This is a good day to work on restrictions and boundries.  Think about what is blocking you and get rid of it on Tuesday.  This is a good day to work on Protection!
Sunday-The Sun's Day!  This is a good day to work on just about anything magickal.  If you missed your day that you needed to work on something you can always do it on Sunday.  This is a great day for working on goals especially ones that deal with healing and success!
These seven days were named by the Anglo-Saxons and were the only planets that they knew of then.  The rest of the planets were discovered in more recent times.  By doing your magical workings on these days you increase the chance of them being highly successful!
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