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Norse Magick


One of the interesting things about Norse magick is that the Norse Gods are not seen as immortal.  They are just larger than life.

Norse magick is not for the faint of heart.  This magick is for those that are doers and shapers of the future.  Often the Gods and Goddess of the Norse believe in helping those that help themselves and can often sit back and watch to see the outcome before getting involved.  There is always a place in Valhalla for those that die a good and honorable warriors death. The North men and women were firm believers in retaliation for injustices.  Thier lands were harsh and made for a strong hardy people.

When the Norse went a viking they brought back the different cultures and practices from the lands they visited and conquered.  The Norse women were someof the most liberated women of the time.  They were treated as equals with the men.  They could own land, be warriors, runemistresses and healers.

The Norse believed in the little people of the earth, such as dwarves, trolls, elves and giants.

 The Norse believed in the end of the world before the Christians did they called it Ragnarok.  When the worlds were created Odhinn and his brothers set four dwarves to hold up the sky.  They were Nordhri (North ruling ice), Austri (east, ruling air), Sudhri(south, ruling fire). and Vestri(west, ruling water).

The Norse people are rich in traditions and mythology.  A great starting place to learn of Norse magick is the book by D.J. Conway called Norse Magic. It gives great sample rituals as well as a small sampling of mythology.

It also gives a list of some of the Goddesses and Gods that the Norse called upon to help with their magick.

by Raveness