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Design your own Goddess Greeting Card and Sendit to a friend on the Net. Step by step you will be shown how to construct a card. Once it is finished, you can preview it and decide if it needs any changes. Once you are happy with it, hit SEND and your friend will receive notification by e-mail that there is a Goddess Greeting Card waiting to be picked up.

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Pagan Portal hosts a searchable database consisting of links on topics related to magic, wicca, witches, witchcraft, witch trials, pagan religions, paganism, neo-paganism, archaeology, mythology, the Goddesses and Gods of the Celts, the Goddesses and Gods of Ancient Egyptians and spells to very general information.
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Personal growth and exploration -
Helpful Tip Page
Hallowsdale offers various classes in the occult.
All 101 classes are free of charge, others have a fee.
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Just join the group, and make a request, be sure and read the rules and post your agreement, you'll find it on the general board, thanks 
UK Witchcraft - -
Shamanism online Discussion and Lessons
Please feel free to come join us if you are interested.
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Adopt a witch, in memory of the burning times! -
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