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The Power Of Kindness

Rule number one:

Whether a plant, an animal or a person;
If it's alive it's much more likely to thrive
when you give it lots of loving attention.    


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ITs OK to ASK for HELP
Yellow Ribbon Chapter of Gaylord Michigan
Yellow Ribbon Chapter of Gaylord
In Loving Memory of Jason Michael Briggs


Community Message
Contact Us
Gaylord High School
Hotlines & Help Links
Jason's Story
Myths & Facts
Suicide Awareness
Warning Signs

Support Us
Wish List





National Crisis Line

Community Mental Health
(Otsego County)
(989) 732-7558

3rd Level Crisis
(Northern Lower Michigan)

Otsego Memorial Hospital
(Otsego County and more)
(989) 731-2100

Yellow Ribbon

Light for Life Foundation International

Michigan Yellow Ribbon

For more program contact information, see our Chapters page.


Adolescent Suicide



Teen Suicide

Academy of Pediatrics

"Facts for Families" Directory

Lifekeeper Memory Quilts

Live Chat and E-mail

Teen Help

Covenant House

Yellow Ribbon Cards are available at the following locations:

Gaylord High School Guidance Office
Otsego Memorial Hospital
Hopp's 'n' Schnapps - M 32
Blockbuster Video Old 27 on Gaylord
Nelson's Drug Store
Rite-Aid Drug Store
Jet's Pizzeria
B.C. Pizzeria
United Way
Medcare Clinic
Harmony Grounds
Community Mental Health
Michigan State Police - Gaylord Post
Otsego County Sheriff's Office
Gaylord Police Department
Otsego County Library
Child and Family Services
Otsego County Sportsplex

Print a Yellow Ribbon Card

Click HERE for a printable image.

E-mail Yellow Ribbon Chapter of Gaylord:
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©2002 Yellow Ribbon Chapter of Gaylord


Teen Suicide Prevention HOTLINE


Let's Talk . . .

  • SOS Teen HOTLINE: 1-800-949-0057
  • Statewide Suicide Hotline: 1-800-564-2120
  • Emergency Medical Services: 911
  • Bannock House: 234-2244
  • ISU Counseling & Testing: 236-2130

Suicide - A CRY FOR HELP

A suicide attempt is a cry for help -- a desperate effort to end the pain of problems that have become overwhelming.

A new teen suicide hotline is available in Southeastern Idaho through the Bannock Youth Foundation. If you or someone you know is depressed or contemplating suicide, help is available 24 hours a day. Help is free and confidential.