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Gypsy Magick




It has now been established that Gypsies orignated in northern India.  It is still not sure exactly how long ago that was.  One theory is that India was invaded so much it drove different tribes of people to move west to keep their nomadic lifestyle alive and they are what we know as gypsies today.  It is believed that it was in the ninth century that this great movement started to happen.  By 1348 the nomads were heading north through Walachia and into Moldavia.  By the 1400's they had moved into England and Wales.  They did much traveling as that is their nature.  They are nomads.  Gypsy origins are based on paganism, but becuase they are nomads they have had to outwardly adopt many different types of religions.  This was necessary to their survival.  They adapted to whatever the dominate religion was in the area where they were at the time.  They clung tightly to their own beliefs  in their tribes.  In actuality christianity has helped the gypsies maintain their original beliefs and has actuaaly lent some respectability to their magick.  This does seem odd but in this day and age people are not nearly as afraid of gypsies as they are of actual pagans.  This may sound hypocritical to have done this but it is how they have survived for so long.  There are still many gypsies around.  In researching this topic I have found that their magick is quite interesting and is most definitely worth taking a look at. 

by LadyBeast