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The Tarot is an ancient form of divination.  Although Tarot card reading has always been believed to be something that the gypsies started doing,  in researching this I found that the gypsies claimed is was brought to them by the ancient Egyptians.  It has been claimed that they were invented by Thoth the counselor to Osiris, the scribe of the Egyptian gods. 

Reading the Tarot is one of the easiest ways to tap into your psychic powers.  Do we all have them?  I believe we do.  Most people just ignore or don't nuture this gift.  The Tarot and it's symbols are basic.  The symbols used on the cards are universal and imprinted in the subconcious mind as to be able to be deciphered by anyone from any background.  The Tarot cards that we have today (at least some decks) are a little more complicated than the original sets used.  There are different traditions and the artwork can be different than on the original sets used.  For the beginner I always recommend that they start off with one the Waite versions of the decks.  This gets you used to the symbolism and will start you off to be able to read any deck after you have mastered this one.  Then you can read a deck that is more to your tradition or path.  Reading the Tarot is easy.  With some studying and practice you too can read as well as anyone!

by LadyBeast