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Psychic Vampires





I do hope that everyone will read this page as it takes on a serious topic that I think we have all encountered at one point or another.  This is a very scary topic and should be taken seriously.  I'm going to speak about the scariest vampyre of them all!

The unintentional psychic vampyre!

Have you ever been around some one that is miserable and there seems to be no reason for it?  When you leave this person do you feel as if you are so totally exhausted that you can't even hardly have the strength to walk away?  If so you have been a victim of the scariest and worst of any vampyre of them all!  They have fed off of your life force to live and breath!  I have done much research on this topic because it seems as of late I have been drained myself.  These vampyres come in the guise of a person that often times are victims, they take no responsibility for the negativity in their lives.  These creatures are needy in some way and are parasites that need a positive life force to drain from.  They are often people that seem to feel sorry for theirsleves and put themselves in situations that they are doomed to fail.  This drains them and they have to feed.  It takes a lot more energy to be negative all of the time than is does to be positive.  They take all that they can until they hardly have any life force left and then they search for their next victim.  In the beginning they will be happy and friendly until one day they have fed enough and then they usually turn.  When they turn you will see a drama unfold in front of you that doesn't exist.  They will express a deep sadness or anger that's seems to come out of nowhere and then they are off again until your life force is finally gone from them and then on to their next victim they go!  These creatures do exist!  Don't fall prey to them! 

These vampyres have the need to drain the life force from you and take it into themselves and leave you feeling drained, exhausted, and feeling very negative.  A lot of times they have the need to touch you and take from you that way.  These vampyres can go into a room feeling bad and everyone else may seem fine.  In a few moments you will notice that everyone else starts to get quiet and the atmosphere in the room will change.  The more the vampyre feeds the happier they will be but the rest of the room will feel down and want to run as quickly as they can. 

These people want to ruin your life!  They may seem to have no self esteem and not many friends.  They will try to make you feel bad about yourself so they can take that and make themselves feel better.  You will feel sorry for them and try to help.  If you get in this situation you need to get out of it.  So if some one you know is leaving you feeling drained and tired after you leave them then the best advice I can give is break all ties with this person and run for your life before they drag you down too far!


This is a scary page I know but one I felt very neccesary to have here!  If you have any questions feel free to direct them to me.  There are things you can do to protect yourself if you are in a situation that you can't get out of or away from and I will be glad to share this with you!

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