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Raveness Path



I guess I started on my Path a long time ago when I was in my teens but unfortunately I didn't listen to my heart and got side tracked for many years.  About six years ago I got into making my own soaps and toiletries and herbal things.  My father had psirosis my husband has sensitive skin and my son at that time had bad acne.  So I decided I would help them.  Little did I know where this was going to lead me.  About a year ago when my husband started getting really sick and it looked like my world was falling apart I listen to a little voice deep inside of me.  I turned to nature and the old ways and found solice in that.  The Goddess had awoken in me my sleeping abilities and it was time for me to follow the path I was meant to follow.  I looked around at Wicca and read one or two things on it, but my calling is that of a Healing Witch, HedgeWitch, Kitchen Witch or GreenWitch.  I work with herbs and nature.  I don't cast formal circles or even do many spells as such.  I work with nature and herbs to heal and help.  This is my calling.  Animals and people seem to make their way to my door for help and I do the best I can.  Sometimes it knocks the wind out of me but if I can help I will.

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