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Moon Magick




The moon has a great impact on all of our lives everyday.  The moon guides the tides, effects the weather patterns, animals and  people.  Much research has been done on how we are effected during the full moon.  It seems to make people go a little crazy. There are sublte changes to our personalities as the moon goes through its phases. The moon effects how we practice our magick.  Spells call for doing them during certain phases of the moon to be powerful.  We bless our tools during the full moon.  I myself carry rocks in a pouch in my pocket where ever I go and when they need the negative energy taken away I wait for the full moon and put them out under it.  The next day I notice that they have a little more glimmer and shine to them than before I put them out.  I bless the oils that I make under a full moon.  I bless my water that I run in my fountains in my home under the full moon.  It is a great gift that we all share.  Each moon every month has a special name.  Each one is special and means something different.  As the moon moves closer to the earth our powers grow along with it.  The closer the moon the more powerful we become.  The more heightened our senses become.  The more in tune we are with the universe.  This is a topic I could go on and on about.  I have worshipped the moon all of my life.  I still gaze at it with wonder and excitement as I did when I was a child.  It is my belief that the more you know about the moon the better your magick will be and you will understand more about magick as the moon has much to do with our powers!

by LadyBeast ©